Updates: Feb 8, 2022

These updates pertain to the Beta version of Memberstack. Join the waitlist for updates and early access.

Members and Plans page.

We’ve completely redesigned a few pages to be faster, easier to use, and more powerful! In the dashboard, you’ll notice these improvements across the members and plans page.

Multiple and Default Cards

Members are now able to add multiple cards to their account. They can also select a card as a default card to use across all their purchases and subscriptions.

Fixes and Improvements

  • You can now view how many members a specific price has.
  • Fixed a bug causing American Express card to fail during checkout.
  • Fixed a bug where sandbox mode members could signup for live mode plans.
  • Fixed a bug causing the checkout UI to not update when selecting different plans.
  • Fixed a bug causing the component carousel to not refresh.
  • Added the ability to see which plans an inherited permission is granted by.
  • Added the ability to pass debug:true to libraries for easier debugging.
  • Added domain validation.