Updates: Mar 11, 2022


  • Drastically simplified our Client API (which makes debugging easier on our side and enables us to push improvements faster on your side).
  • Added and improved the Emoji Picker. You can now have emojis associated with plans 🍍🍔🌱
  • We improved the UX for the Application Switcher for those with multiple 2.0 projects.
  • Revamped Prices Flow: We have a brand new flow for working with Plan Prices. Check it out!
  • Memberstack now automatically generates API keys when a new application is created.
  • We made lots of tiny UX improvements on the Plans & Pricing page to make the product easier to navigate.
  • Made all the toggles across the application more intuitive & visible.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI flashing upon navigating to new pages
  • Fixed permission toggle loading
  • Fixed Modal UIs that weren’t loading in dashboard
  • Fixed blank screen when editing/deleting content group
  • Fixed blank screen when toggling test mode
  • Fixed components carousel flashing in dashboard on page refresh
  • Fixed permission toggle loading