Updates: May 29, 2022

Webflow Package

  • added the ability for members to add free plans via data-ms-plan:add
  • added the ability for members to remove free plans via data-ms-plan:remove
  • Testing an attribute called data-ms-plan="no-plan" which, when added to a signup form, will always create an account
  • without a plan.
  • Testing attributes called data-ms-content="paid-plans"  data-ms-content="free-plans"  data-ms-content="no-plans"  which
  • let you show or hide content for member’s with paid plans, free plans, and no plans.
  • Webflow package is up to 30 test cases :test_tube: :safety_vest:
  • Fixed a bug with member logouts


  • Lots of UI/UX improvements
  • Testing the Member JSON feature
  • Working on making it easier to add the header script to Webflow projects
  • Handoff the custom fields UI updates from last week
  • Merged the rest of the Domain-specific login changes into dev
  • Spec’d member-specific pages
    Making some tweaks to the Gated Content UI

Hosted UI

  • Fixed a bug with the paid signup component
  • More UI changes to our hosted UI
  • Lots of improvements to component password reset process

Stripe functionality

  • Testing more Webflow + Stripe features
  • Enabled Stripe Customer Portal - basic prototype is up and running
  • Stripe Taxes UI
  • Adding Tax, Coupon, and Free Trial support to Stripe checkout.


  • Improved security of our database
  • Shortened the password reset token to 6-characters
  • Added an endpoint for Zapier/Make to retrieve an app’s custom fields
  • Working on better auth token support in dom library