About Memberstack

We handle user logins, security, and payments so you can focus on building something people want.

We give developers the toolbox they need to build safe, beautiful user logins and payments fast. We enable business to launch custom software faster, reduce complexity, and save tons of money, without compromising on design or functionality. 

We know better than anyone the time and cost of building a web application from scratch is a hefty task 🏗️. You need to focus your time and efforts into building your core business and although it’s never been easier to build a website, the cost to build an online business or custom web application is still out of reach for most people. And that’s why we built Memberstack. To enable more people to create and scale online.

“It's so agile, it's so fast. It's so responsive. It allows us to do so much more in-house and it's saving us an enormous amount of cost. That's what a charity needs. It's great for commercial organisations but what Memberstack allowed us to do with a fraction of what would have been a high development cost has been insane. We love Memberstack."

Joey Ceunen

CTO, Carefree
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“We worked with a developer to build our Chrome extension and install Memberstack. We looked into Firebase, but Memberstack was 100x easier. ”



“It’s just so simple to integrate. I'm a full-stack developer and the speed of being able to get something out there in a matter of days was really important. Step one, step two, step three, publish, live. The simplicity is what kept me on the platform."

Tom Charman

FullStack Developer, Rassa

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The team

Chukwuemeka Ajah
Henry Onyemaobi
Technical Support
Duncan Hamra
Cofounder & Design
Pier Stein
Customer Advocate
Lydia Hallie
Tyler Bell
Cofounder & Engineer
Teresa Klusaw
Technical Support
Janrick Doromal
Naitik Mehta
Product Design
Jeanne-Sauve Wong
Technical Support
Daniel Serratore
Jus' bein' cute
Chris Loggins
Technical Support
Josh Lopez
Customer Experience
Marco Cornejo
Dev Ops
Molly Floyd
Content & SEO
Clinton Nkemdilim

Memberstack can help you with...

User logins

Add secure and encrypted user authentication functionality to your website.

Recurring and One-off Payments

Start accepting payments immediately with our one-click Stripe integration.

Beautiful UIs

Use our plug-and-play modals (signup, login, checkout, profile management) or connect our functionality to a front-end platform of your choice for a 100% customized solution. Powered by Memberstack User Authentication.

Gated Content

Provide value to your members by providing access to specific pages on your website, or dynamically hide/show web elements based on membership tiers. Learn more about security →