About Memberstack

We manage Authentication and Payments for over 5 million people & 2,300+ companies.

Memberstack is a SaaS product that helps Webflow developers add secure user accounts and payments in a fraction of the time. We enable business to launch custom software faster, reduce complexity, and save tons of money without compromising on design or functionality. 

Our founders

Tyler Bell
Duncan Hamra

Tyler and I have been best friends since pre-school (2001), and we've been building software since 2014.

We didn't know what we were doing, so we spent more time rebuilding than building. And boy-oh-boy did we spend a lot of time re-doing our Stripe integrations, refactoring auth, redesigning our front-ends, and worrying about compliance.

It was a mess! But we assumed it was an "us" problem since it was hard to find other people complaining about it.

In 2018, Tyler decided enough is enough, and began building us a single, flexible system which could adapt to any project we might start in the future. My background is in design and Tyler's in engineering, so we knew the system would need to be beautiful, developer friendly, and as flexible as possible.

I decided to whip-up a landing page to gauge interest, and we quickly found a community of folks with similar dreams of building cool things online without needing to worry so much about infrastructure.

👇 See the full timeline below.

We power authentication and payments for over 5 million people.


apps & businesses launched


revenue earned by Memberstack's customers

Why Memberstack?

Can we be real for a sec?

We didn't start Memberstack with hopes that it would change the world. Memberstack was only supposed to help us build other products that were supposed to change the world...

Alas, we never built those other products. We've been too busy working on Memberstack 🤷

Are we sad? HA 🤣 Hell no. We're too busy supporting and cheering on the two thousand + companies who are using Memberstack. Collectively, their projects touch the lives of over 2.5 million people from almost every country on earth. The scope and diversity of success is wildly greater than anything we could have accomplished ourselves.

In 2018, we built Memberstack because we wanted to change the world. Today, we’re building Memberstack to help people like you to change the world.

We'll keep working hard to improve Memberstack, and trust* that others will continue using it in positive ways we'd never imagine.

*We strive for positive impact (not just impact).

“It's so agile, it's so fast. It's so responsive. It allows us to do so much more in-house and it's saving us an enormous amount of cost. That's what a charity needs. It's great for commercial organisations but what Memberstack allowed us to do with a fraction of what would have been a high development cost has been insane. We love Memberstack."

Joey Ceunen

CTO, Carefree
Testimonial Image

“We worked with a developer to build our Chrome extension and install Memberstack. We looked into Firebase, but Memberstack was 100x easier.



“It’s just so simple to integrate. I'm a full-stack developer and the speed of being able to get something out there in a matter of days was really important. Step one, step two, step three, publish, live. The simplicity is what kept me on the platform."

Tom Charman

FullStack Developer, Rassa

Trusted by a


+ happy Designers & Developers.


Our team

We're a distributed team taking full advantage of what the internet has to offer. 💻 🤝 🌴 ⛰️ 🌆 🥳 🏄 🚌 🗺️

🗺️ 100% remote

We work from wherever we feel our best. So far, "wherever feels best" has included patios, home offices, beaches, farm houses, mountain cabins, and coffee shops. Our teammates are based in the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and Mexico.

🤝 Trust & move quickly

We trust each other to make informed decisions so we can move quickly. That being said, we're always available if support or input is needed to make a decision.

🕑 Flexible schedules

We set our own schedules and experiment with our hours. Some team members work 4-day work weeks, some start early and finish early, and some start late and finish late. Whatever helps us to feel most productive.

👍 Focused on what matters

With the team growing it felt even more important to decide both as a team and on an individual basis what matters to us the most. So we drew up a table of ‘Non-negotiables.’ We listed everything we could possibly think of and decided how important these things were to us now and in the future.

⏩ Learn fast & share responsibility

As a small team, we're flexible with the tasks we take up and are eager to learn whatever it takes to make things work for our users.


What's happened so far...

July 2018

Created a fake application called "Codeless login" to validate the market and find customers

September 2018

Open a 2-person agency called "Authramp" to validate the problem

November 2018

🏗️ Development begins on Memberstack 1.0

February 2019

PixelGeek becomes the first person to use Memberstack

March 2019

Memberstack officially launches for the Webflow community 🎉

July 2019

#1 Product of the day on Product Hunt 😻

July 2019

Customers earn $100,000 💰

Dec 2019

Customers earn $1,000,000 💰💰

January 2020

First two people join the team

January 2020

Memberstack raises funding in a pre-seed round lead by Gradient Ventures

June 2020

Attend Y Combinator's first 100% virtual batch

October 2020

1,000 paying customers

Dec 2020

Customers earn $10,000,000 💰💰💰

June 2021

Customers earn $20,000,000 💰💰💰💰

November 2021

Employee #10 joins the team

November 2021

Customers earn $30,000,000 💰💰💰💰💰