Why Memberstack?

Why Teams at Slack & Webflow Trust Memberstack.

Teams at companies like American Airlines, Slack, Entreprenuer.com, and Smart Passive Income use Memberstack to serve millions of members every single day.

Top Webflow agencies like Relume, Finsweet, Flowbase, Refokus, Whiteboard, and Brandweld have used Memberstack to build beautiful client projects with user auth, gated content, and Stripe payments. It’s free until you’re ready to go live (just like Webflow).

Built for Webflow & React

Launch a beautiful Webflow MVP in a weekend and give yourself the option to scale into a custom React application without needing to migrate anything on the backend. Your subscriptions, passwords, and social connections will work anywhere Memberstack is installed.

Memberstack uses data attributes to tap into your Webflow project. This means you can build everything from profile screens to forgotten password flows all according to your own visual style.

Pick from 200+ Customizable Webflow Components →

Robust Authentication Out of the Box

Add secure and encrypted user authentication using:

Single Sign-On for your Forum, Community, Help Center, etc. so that customers don’t have to create multiple accounts across your various platforms.

Instant Access to Stripe Checkout & Billing

Start accepting payments in 135+ currencies immediately with our one-click Stripe integration.

1,000’s of Integrations

Sync data between Memberstack & your favorite tools using our Webhooks, Zapier app, or Make app. Launch an affiliate program with Rewardful, better support customer with Intercom, or collect product analytics with Heap.

Any member data collected by Memberstack is exportable via the dashboard. This includes the data you collect from members, JSON data, Metadata, and plan data.

Developer Friendly

Our built-in testing environments give you and your team the ability to set up staging domains, run automated test cases, and manually test features before going live.

The Memberstack Admin API allows you to verify webhooks, JWT tokens and CRUD methods on Members in a backend environment.

The DOM package makes it easy to add Memberstack to any projects that runs in a browser.

Try Memberstack for free

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