10 Best Webflow Marketplace Cloneables

Percival Villalva
February 22, 2024
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Looking to build a Marketplace with Webflow? Here's a list of the 10 best paid and free webflow Marketplace cloneables you can clone on your website right away...

The 10 Best Webflow Marketplace Cloneables

Embarking on the journey of creating a digital marketplace involves a lot of considerations. From choosing a competitive niche to ensuring that your website is functional, launching a marketplace can be a daunting task.

A functional marketplace is more than just an appealing interface; it's the backbone of seamless, reliable functionalities that deliver as promised. Crafting such a platform is no small feat—it's a complex web of user interactions, payment processing, and more. That’s exactly why we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best Webflow marketplace cloneables to ease the technical burden of building such a complex platform and let you launch your business in no time!

We often try to give you both free and paid options from templates to choose from. However, given the complexity of a digital marketplace website, it's rare to stumble upon comprehensive templates that are free, as they often fall short in comparison to their premium counterparts in terms of quality, features, and reliability. Nevertheless, we still weaved in some free options that might be at least a good starting point depending on your needs and expectations from a template.

Despite that, I’m confident that the carefully selected templates in our list will offer you an incredible launchpad to bring your digital marketplace to life. They will not only save you in dollars but in the countless hours you'd otherwise invest in development, and you will see that their price often more than makes up for all that you get in return.

1. Local Marketplace Template

💰 Price: $75 USD or $25 USD with a Memberstack subscription

👨‍💻 Developer: Memberstack

🎯 Target: All types of marketplace

Our top choice, this template stands out as the ultimate multitool in the realm of marketplace templates, equipping you with everything necessary to craft your ideal marketplace. Additionally, its seamless integration with tools like Memberstack, Make, and Talk.js ensures it grows alongside your business, handling even the most demanding marketplace features.

🎁 Core Features

  • Social Auth
  • Member chats (Powered by Talk.js)
  • Listing Filters (Powered by Finsweet Attributes)
  • Full Client-First Build Member Profiles

On top of the features listed above, Memberstack premium templates come with a course on how to build your own marketplace to the likes of Facebook and Craigslist, Make scenarios, and custom code.

What is this Marketplace template best for?

This template stands out for its versatility, effortlessly molding to accommodate various niches and unique marketplace requirements. It's suitable for all kinds of Marketplace ventures, simplifying setup and design decisions, and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Pros Cons
✅ Versatile, can be a good fit for any marketplace niche and size ❌ The amount of features and possibilities can lead to a steeper learning curve. However, the accompanying course and support from the Memberstack team make up for that.
✅ Scalable, this template grows with your business, supporting as much complexity as needed to handle all marketplace operations.

The Bottom Line

Designed for marketplaces eager to launch quickly without compromising on quality, this template comes with the assurance of Webflow expertise from leaders like Memberstack, ensuring your site operates smoothly and lives up to expectations. It's an ideal blueprint that scales with your business, supporting your journey from startup to peak success.

2. Skillhive - Marketplace Website Template

💰 Price: $79 USD

👨‍💻 Developer: Paperunikorn

🎯 Target: Freelance marketplaces

Skillhive is designed to cater to the freelance industry, offering a comprehensive solution with 50 fully responsive pages, advanced animations, and seamless Webflow CMS and e-commerce integrations. This template is a powerhouse for creating a freelance marketplace, providing a smooth user experience and a plethora of features.

🎁 Core Features

  • 50 fully responsive pages
  • Advanced animations and smooth page interactions
  • Webflow CMS and e-commerce functionalit
  • Freelancer and client dashboards
  • Freelancer onboarding process
  • SEO-optimized design

Skillhive stands out with its extensive customization options and reusable components, making it adaptable to various freelance marketplace needs. Its SEO-optimized design ensures your platform is easily discoverable, enhancing user acquisition.

What is this Marketplace template best for?

Skillhive is best suited for entrepreneurs looking to launch a freelance marketplace. Its comprehensive feature set and user-friendly design make it an excellent choice for platforms connecting freelancers with clients across various industries.

Pros Cons
✅ Comprehensive and customizable, offering a wide range of features tailored to freelance marketplaces ❌ Niche template, making it difficult to adapt it to a use case outside of the freelancer marketplace.
✅ No coding knowledge required for setup and customization ❌ Limited customizability due to it lacking custom code solutions and integrations out-of-the-box. Of course, you can add this extra functionality later if needed, but it will cost you time and/or money to set up.

The Bottom Line

Skillhive is a robust template for anyone aiming to build a freelance marketplace. With its extensive features, customizable design, and user-friendly interface, it provides a solid foundation for your platform, ensuring a seamless experience for both freelancers and clients. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to expand your offerings, Skillhive offers the tools you need to succeed.

3. SellEasy - Marketplace Website Template

💰 Price: $79 USD

👨‍💻 Developer: Abel Hancock

🎯 Target: Digital product marketplaces

SellEasy positions itself as an ideal solution for those looking to sell digital products online, offering an efficient alternative to platforms like Gumroad. It's designed for ease of use, allowing sellers to get their store up and running with minimal effort.

🎁 Core Features

  • Full design customization to make your storefront unique
  • Low transaction fees (0–2%), keeping more money in your pocket
  • Support for multiple product types, including digital and physical goods
  • Custom promotions, including holiday discounts and special coupon codes

This template emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that sellers can focus on what matters most: their products and customers.

What is this Marketplace template best for?

SellEasy is best suited for entrepreneurs and creators who want to sell digital products without the hassle of complex e-commerce setups. Whether you're offering ebooks, courses, software, or any other digital goods, this template provides the necessary tools to create an attractive and functional online store.

Pros Cons
✅ User-friendly, making it easy for beginners to set up their online store ❌ The template's emphasis on simplicity might pose challenges as your marketplace expands, necessitating the addition of more complex functionalities not initially provided by the template.
✅ Flexible design options, allowing for a personalized storefront

The Bottom Line

For digital product sellers seeking a straightforward and effective way to launch their online store, SellEasy offers a compelling solution. With its focus on ease of use, customizable design, and reasonable fees, this template provides a solid foundation for building a successful digital marketplace. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a Gumroad alternative, SellEasy has the essentials covered.

4. Market - Marketplace Website Template

💰 Price: $79 USD

👨‍💻 Developer: BRIX Templates

🎯 Target: Design marketplaces

Market is a premium Webflow template tailored for design marketplaces, enabling creators to sell design resources such as fonts, mockups, and illustrations. It's an ideal choice for those looking to emulate successful platforms like CreativeMarket or UI8.

🎁 Core Features

  • Unique and premium design following the latest trends
  • Speed optimized for a fast loading experience
  • Perfect mobile responsiveness
  • Seamless animations for an engaging user experience
  • 100% customizable to fit your brand's style and guidelines
  • Figma file included for even easier customization
  • Built with Webflow CMS & Ecommerce for easy management
  • Regular updates to incorporate new Webflow features

Market stands out with its focus on design aesthetics and user experience, ensuring that your marketplace not only looks great but also operates smoothly across all devices.

What is this Marketplace template best for?

This template is best suited for entrepreneurs and designers looking to create a marketplace for design resources. Its sophisticated features and customization options make it a perfect fit for selling a wide range of design products, from fonts and mockups to illustrations and UI kits.

Pros Cons
✅ Focus on design aesthetics, making it ideal for design-centric marketplaces ❌ Niche template, which can be difficult to adapt to use cases other than a design marketplace
✅ Comprehensive features for product and author management through Webflow CMS and Ecommerce

The Bottom Line

Market is a top-tier choice for anyone aiming to launch a design marketplace. With its elegant design, comprehensive feature set, and emphasis on user experience, it provides a solid foundation for a successful online store. If you're passionate about design and want to offer a curated selection of design resources, Market offers the tools and flexibility needed to bring your vision to life.

5. Digital Goodie - Marketplace Website Template

💰 Price: $79 USD

👨‍💻 Developer: Fouroom

🎯 Target: Digital product marketplaces

Digital Goodie is a Webflow template designed for creating marketplaces for digital products. It offers a quick and easy setup, allowing you to start selling digital items within minutes.

🎁 Core Features

  • Global Swatches for easy color theme changes
  • Style Guide & Utility Pages for basic element style customization
  • 100% Customizable with Webflow's no-code visual interface
  • Usage rights for all template images, with commercial use options
  • Support resources including Webflow CMS, Interactions, and Symbols guides

This template emphasizes ease of use and customization, making it a great choice for those with limited Webflow experience or looking to launch a digital marketplace as quickly as possible.

What is this Marketplace template best for?

Digital Goodie is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to sell digital products such as ebooks, courses, software, or any other downloadable content. Its straightforward design and customization options make it suitable for a wide range of digital marketplaces.

Pros Cons
✅ Easy to customize and set up, perfect for Webflow beginners ❌ Not necessarily a downside, but the simplicity of this template can significantly restrict its usage. Still, this could be a plus for someone looking to build a simple marketplace for digital products.
✅ Includes a variety of support resources to help users get started

The Bottom Line

For those looking to quickly launch a marketplace for digital products, Digital Goodie offers a user-friendly and customizable solution. With its focus on ease of use and the ability to change the entire color theme with just a few clicks, this template provides a solid starting point for anyone new to Webflow or digital marketplaces. Whether you're selling your own creations or curating a collection of digital goods, Digital Goodie can help you get your marketplace up and running in no time.

6. Renting - Real Estate Website Template

💰 Price: $49 USD

👨‍💻 Developer: Nikolai Bain

🎯 Target: Real Estate Agencies and Independent Realtors

The Renting real estate marketplace template is a modern solution for real estate agencies and independent realtors looking to showcase properties for rent. Its design is professional, with a subtle color palette and bold typography across over 15 pages, making it stand out in the competitive real estate market.

🎁 Core Features

  • Modern Design: A professional look with a subtle color palette and bold typography.
  • Easy Navigation: A simple grid system and over 15 pages including Home, All Listings, Locations, and more for easy browsing.
  • CMS Integration: Pages for listings, locations, and amenities that make managing properties straightforward.
  • Customizable: Built using Webflow, allowing for extensive customization without writing code.
  • Ready-to-Use Assets: Comes with free images that can be used in any way, enhancing the visual appeal of the site.

What is this Marketplace template best for?

This template is ideal for real estate businesses focusing on rentals. It's designed to showcase properties in a clear and attractive manner, making it easier for potential tenants to find what they're looking for.

Pros Cons
✅ Professional Design: Makes your agency look top-notch and differentiates you from competitors. ❌ Niche template: Hard to use this template to serve any other purpose outside of real estate listings.
✅ Customizable: Easy to adapt to your brand without needing to code.

The Bottom Line

For real estate professionals aiming to elevate their online presence, the Renting template offers a blend of elegance and functionality. Its customizable nature and comprehensive page layouts provide a solid foundation for showcasing rental properties effectively.

7. Workplace X - Directory Website Template

💰 Price: Information not directly available

👨‍💻 Developer: BRIX templates

🎯 Target: Freelance Marketplaces and Service Directories

Workplace X is a Webflow template designed to create a freelance marketplace or service directory. It boasts a stunning design and is optimized for SEO, aiming to save significant design and development time.

🎁 Core Features

  • Unique & Premium Design: Adheres to the latest web design trends with a clean, modern aesthetic.
  • Speed Optimized: Enhanced for fast load times to ensure no visitor is lost due to slow website performance.
  • Perfectly Responsive: Detailed optimization for a flawless display on devices of all sizes.
  • Seamless Animations: Features beautiful transition animations and hover effects for an engaging user experience.
  • 100% Customizable: Built with Webflow's best practices for easy customization, including global symbols/components, colors, fonts, and more.
  • Figma File Included: A Figma design source file is available upon purchase for further customization.
  • Webflow CMS & Ecommerce: Utilizes Webflow CMS collections and Ecommerce for easy updates and management.
  • Always Up-To-Date: Regular updates to incorporate the latest Webflow features and functionalities.

What is this Marketplace template best for?

Ideal for launching a freelance marketplace or service directory, Workplace X provides a comprehensive platform for companies to connect with top talent.

Pros Cons
✅ Design and Customization: Offers a premium design with extensive customization options to match your brand. ❌ Niche template: Strong emphasis on freelance operations. This aspect could be highly beneficial if it aligns with your objectives, but consider it a cautionary note if you intend to repurpose the template beyond freelance marketplace uses.
✅ User Experience: Optimized for speed and responsiveness, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

The Bottom Line

Workplace X stands out as a top choice for those looking to launch a freelance marketplace or service directory, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and ease of use.

8. Sartorialist - Accessories Website Template

💰 Price: $79 USD

👨‍💻 Developer: ATWWW Templates

🎯 Target: E-commerce Businesses in Fashion and Accessories

Sartorialist is a Webflow e-commerce template designed for fashion and accessory businesses. It features a sleek, modern design and a comprehensive set of features to ensure a competitive edge in the online marketplace.

🎁 Core Features

  • Modern Design: A sleek and contemporary look that appeals to fashion-forward audiences.
  • Powerful CMS: For effective blogging, helping to engage customers and enhance SEO.
  • Smooth Animations: Enhances user experience with engaging visual effects.
  • 100% Customizable: Offers global symbols, color palettes, fonts, and reusable classes for easy brand alignment.
  • Webflow Ecommerce Integration: Simplifies the management of your online store, products, and orders.
  • Always Up-To-Date: Ensures access to the latest e-commerce features and functionalities within Webflow.

What is this Marketplace template best for?

Sartorialist is best suited for businesses in the fashion and accessories sector looking to establish or enhance their online presence with a stylish and functional e-commerce platform.

Pros Cons
✅ Aesthetic Appeal: Designed specifically for fashion and accessories, ensuring a visually appealing online store. ❌ Niche Specificity: While its fashion-focused design is a major strength, this specificity might limit versatility for businesses looking to expand beyond fashion and accessories into more diverse product lines.
✅ Ease of Use: Integrated with Webflow Ecommerce for straightforward management of the online store.

The Bottom Line

For fashion and accessory e-commerce businesses aiming for a stylish and efficient online presence, Sartorialist offers a compelling blend of design and functionality, making it a strong contender in the marketplace template arena.

9. NFT Market Place

💰 Price: Free

👨‍💻 Developer: AirDokan

🎯 Target: NFT Creators and Collectors

The NFT Market Place template is designed to cater to the burgeoning world of NFT creators and collectors. While specific details about the template's features and pricing were not accessible, its presence in the Webflow showcase suggests it's a noteworthy option for those looking to dive into the NFT space.

🎁 Core Features

  • Client-first V2
  • Smooth Webflow animations
  • CMS-based components
  • Fully responsive
  • Dynamic Slider using Splide JS

What is this Marketplace template best for?

This template is best suited as the front-end starting foundation for an NFT marketplace, providing a platform for artists, creators, and collectors to buy, sell, or trade NFTs. It's tailored to express the unique identity of the NFT community.

Pros Cons
✅ Tailored for the NFT market, offering specialized features for showcasing NFTs. ❌ The template is somewhat basic and does not include all the essential features needed for a fully operational marketplace. Significant additional customization and setup may be required to prepare a product that's ready for launch.
✅ Free template. You can clone and have it available on your Webflow account with no upfront investment.

The Bottom Line

For those looking to establish an NFT marketplace, this template might offer a solid foundation, though further investment into expanding its features and capabilities would be necessary due to the limited out-of-the-box features it offers.

10. GariNFT - NFT Marketplace Template

💰 Price: Information not directly available

👨‍💻 Developer: James Baduor

🎯 Target: NFT Creators, Collectors, and Traders

GariNFT is a Webflow template designed specifically for NFT marketplaces. While it has a limited amount of features, the template received some love from the Webflow community due to its unique and compelling design, indicating its relevance and potential for those looking to create an NFT marketplace.

🎁 Core Features

  • Unique design
  • Fully responsive
  • NFT focused

What is this Marketplace template best for?

GariNFT is best suited for individuals or businesses looking to launch an NFT marketplace. It caters to the needs of NFT creators, collectors, and traders, providing a platform for the exchange of digital assets.

Pros Cons
✅ Specialized for NFTs. Designed with the unique requirements of NFT marketplaces in mind. ❌ While this template offers a starting point for NFT marketplaces, it lacks comprehensive features necessary for a fully functional platform. To achieve a market-ready product, expect to invest in significant customization and additional development.
✅ Free template. You can clone and have it available on your Webflow account with no upfront investment.

The Bottom Line

For those venturing into the NFT space, GariNFT offers a starting point with its focus on NFT marketplaces. However, potential users may need to explore further or contact the template creator for comprehensive details due to the limited features and information available from the initial overview.


Launching a standout online marketplace hinges on choosing a Webflow template that aligns with your vision and user needs. The 10 best Marketplace Webflow Templates we've highlighted are not just starting points but gateways to innovation, offering the adaptability to mirror your marketplace's unique vibe and community.

Consider the user experience you aim to offer as you navigate these templates. Your platform should blend form with function, showcasing the ease and value you bring to every transaction. Remember, your marketplace is the digital heartbeat of your business, fostering connections and building trust within your community. By selecting the right template and tailoring it with care, you're setting the stage for a marketplace that resonates with your users and supports your growth ambitions.