How to Build a Local Directory with Webflow

Robert Jett
December 15, 2023
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In this post we'll cover everything from building a local directory as well as tips and strategies to growing your directory!

How to Build a Local Directory with Webflow

Introduction to Local Directories

In the realm of no-code web development, creating a local directory stands out as a compelling project. These directories serve as vital resources, spotlighting local businesses, events, and activities. A well-crafted directory not only brings attention to a local area but can also revitalize a community's image and economy. This kind of project is an excellent entry point for no-code developers seeking to make a mark in the industry. It provides an opportunity to work closely with local businesses, which are often more open to collaborating with smaller, independent web developers. Moreover, there's potential for monetization by offering paid access to directory information.

Before the Build

Selecting a Focus Area

Before diving into the technicalities of building a directory, the first step is to choose a specific locale. This could be a place you are personally connected to or one that you believe has untapped potential. Understanding the community and its unique offerings is key.

Partnership Strategies

Building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with a pre-designed template can be a strategic move. This MVP can serve as a proof of concept when reaching out to local governments or business collectives to propose partnerships or sponsorships.

Essential Directory Components

  • Local Businesses: A section dedicated to showcasing local retailers, eateries, service providers, and more, complete with descriptions, contact information, and perhaps user reviews.
  • Events and Attractions: Highlight local events, festivals, exhibitions, and tourist attractions. This section can help in promoting local culture and attracting visitors.
  • Community Resources: Information about local amenities such as parks, libraries, public transportation, and community centers. This section can serve both residents and visitors.

Platform Selection: The Case for Webflow and Memberstack

Webflow's Client-Centric Design

Webflow offers an intuitive platform that is highly client-focused, making it ideal for creating a local directory. Its CMS (Content Management System) capabilities allow for easy content updates and customization, which is crucial for a directory that needs regular updates.

Memberstack Integration

Integrating with Memberstack enhances the directory by enabling different access levels. For example, a local official could be given administrative rights, while a general user has basic access. This level of control is vital for maintaining the directory's integrity and ensuring the right people have the right access.

Building a Local Directory with Webflow

Utilizing a Template

Starting with a template can significantly streamline the development process. We've created a local directory template specifically tailored for this type of project.

Our Local Directory Template is designed with a focus on usability and aesthetics. Although it is code-intensive, we provide a detailed tutorial to guide you through every step.

Key Features of the Template

Dynamic Filters

These allow users to easily navigate through the directory, filtering information based on categories like type of business, events, or location.

A map that updates dynamically based on user selections. This feature is particularly useful for users looking to explore physical locations or events.

Embedded Scripts

Scripts for updating maps and searching information are embedded into the template, ensuring a seamless user experience.

User Authentication Pages

The template includes pages for user login, signup, and password recovery, essential for personalizing user experiences and securing access. These have been designed for easy integration with Memberstack (although it can be modified to connect with other membership platforms as well). 

CMS Templates

Ready-to-use templates for individual locations and a blog section are included, making content management straightforward.

Introduction to the Template

Our team has provided an in-depth tutorial on integrating locations with user accounts and the dynamic map. This tutorial is crucial for understanding the intricate workings of the template and leveraging its full potential.

You can check that out here:

Payments IntegrationFor those who wish to monetize their directory, Memberstack's seamless integration with Stripe simplifies setting up payment systems for accessing premium features or content.Stripe Integration GuideStripe Integration Tutorial: Provides detailed instructions for incorporating a payment system into your directory.


Creating a local directory using Webflow and Memberstack is an exciting venture that blends community service with entrepreneurial opportunity. Our template and tools are designed to make the process accessible and efficient, even for those new to web development. By embarking on this project, you can play a pivotal role in showcasing the best of a local area, supporting small businesses, and fostering community spirit. We encourage you to take the first step in building a local directory that can make a real difference in your chosen community.