How to Build an Agency with Webflow


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Percival Villalva

This post will cover everything from building an Agency with a template as well as tips and strategies to optimizing your Agency with Webflow and Memberstack.

The best day to launch your online agency was yesterday. Creating your own agency is a powerful way to leverage your skills and step into entrepreneurship. The opening statement of this blog post carries a sense of urgency because it has never been easier to establish your agency, monetize your services, and manage clients through a website.

Years ago, setting up such an enterprise would have required months of work by highly skilled web development and design professionals. However, with today's tools like Webflow and Memberstack, you can get your agency up and running in just a few days with minimal startup investment and no need to write a single line of code.

Webflow provides all the necessary building blocks to develop and design a website tailored to the unique needs of your agency's niche. Paired with Memberstack, which facilitates user authentication and payment integration, Webflow lays a formidable foundation for any agency looking to scale efficiently.

Why Build an Agency with Webflow?

I’ve been singing the praises of Webflow in the introduction, and, as the title of this blog post suggests, that’s the platform we'll use to build an agency. But what exactly makes Webflow such a powerful choice, especially when compared to other popular website building platforms like WordPress? Here are three reasons why Webflow stands out as the ideal platform for building your agency:

1. No-Code Customization

Webflow’s no-code approach allows you to implement custom designs and functionalities without needing developers. This grants you full control over your website, enabling quick adjustments through Webflow’s intuitive visual editor.

2. Built-in CMS and SEO Tools

Webflow offers an all-in-one solution with a powerful CMS that lets you manage content and build a blog, while also optimizing your site for search engines within the same platform. This ensures that your sites not only look good but also perform well in search rankings.

3. Integrations

Webflow supports a wide range of integrations, adding up to its versatility. One notable integration is with Memberstack, which facilitates tailored user experiences through their gated-content system. It also aids in integrating payment processing solutions, enabling your agency to efficiently monetize your services.

Examples of Web Agencies

Knowing the tools you'll use to launch your agency is an important first step, but it's just the beginning of building a successful agency.

On the business side, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of the services you intend to offer. Choose a niche that is not only profitable but also aligns with your skill set. A great way to discover your path is by drawing inspiration from successful web agencies across various niches, many of which have leveraged Webflow to build their businesses.

Digital marketing and Education - Bots and People

Bots and People is an agency specialized in providing an on-demand online education center for topics related to automation, as well as serving as a digital marketing agency for automation tool providers. 

Its website is a prime example of how Webflow can be utilized to scale and manage an agency effectively. The B&P website boasts a unique and visually appealing design that perfectly aligns with the agency’s brand and services. Additionally, it is equipped with all the necessary integrations for processing payments, scheduling calls with potential customers, and promoting their services through a blog, customer success stories, and video testimonials.

Graphic Design Agency - Design Pickle

As a graphic designer, you have plenty of opportunities and niches to specialize in when launching your own agency. An interesting example of this is Design Pickle, a design agency that has successfully productized graphic design. They launched a very successful service that proved to be highly scalable.

Webflow Development Agency - SPCSHP

As a fast-growing ecosystem in its own right, Webflow supports agencies that specialize in providing services tailored to the Webflow platform, such as website building, speed optimization, and SEO. A prime example of this is SPCSHP, a New York-based agency. SPCSHP has been incredibly successful in providing Webflow development services, particularly in building ecommerce solutions that leverage Webflow’s powerful CMS.

Build an Agency with Webflow: Start with a Template

The most efficient path to building your agency with Webflow is to kickstart your website using a pre-built template. Webflow, enhanced by Memberstack, offers a wide array of templates tailored to meet various agency business needs. For example, Memberstack’s Premium Agency Template is an excellent starting point. It provides not only a professionally designed website but also a powerful platform capable of accommodating a diverse range of agency business models.

Talking about business models. Here are some of the most common ones used by agencies, all of which Memberstack’s premium template can support:

1. Project-Based Model

This transactional model involves completing specific projects for clients, such as website builds or campaign launches. It suits agencies that enjoy working on a variety of projects and can handle fluctuating workloads and revenues.

2. Retainer Model

In this model, agencies provide ongoing services for a set monthly fee, which may include maintenance, content updates, and performance reviews. It’s ideal for agencies seeking stable income and looking to build long-term client relationships.

3. Hybrid Model

This model combines elements of both the project-based and retainer models. It allows agencies to maintain flexibility while securing consistent revenue. This is especially effective for agencies offering a broad range of services.

Now that we've covered the agency business models, let's take a closer look at the features of Memberstack’s Premium Agency Template that make it so versatile for supporting these models.

Features of the Premium Agency Template

The Memberstack Premium Agency Template is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the client experience and streamline agency operations. Ideal for both emerging agencies and established businesses looking to revamp their online presence, this template packs essential features into a cohesive, stylish website design.

📽️ Click the image below to watch an explanatory video about the template’s features

Home Page

Acts as the face of your agency, welcoming visitors with a clean, professional design that showcases your services and unique selling propositions.

About Us Page

Provides a space to tell your agency's story, introduce the team, and build trust with potential clients.

Contact Page

Essential for visitor inquiries, featuring a user-friendly contact form, social media links, and other contact information.

Blog Page

Helps establish your agency as an industry leader by sharing insights, news, and updates through well-organized articles.

Getting Started/Book a Call

Includes a custom booking form allowing potential clients to easily schedule consultations directly from your website.

Sign Up & Client Login Page

Streamline the registration and login process for users by offering multiple account creation and login options, including Google’s Social Authentication, to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

CMS-Based Unique Client Portals

Each client receives a personalized dashboard, enabling them to view project progress, access important links, and manage their accounts.

Additional Resources and Support

Webflow Template Access: Provides a robust starting point for your website, allowing for extensive customization without the need for coding.

Memberstack Template ID: Integrates with Memberstack to facilitate features like membership management, secure logins, and automated billing.

Support: Purchasing the template grants you access to professional support to help you customize and deploy your website effectively.

Make Scenarios: Enables automation of workflows with ready-to-go Make scenarios for enhancing operational efficiency.

Private Slack Group Access: Join a community of other agency owners using the same template to share tips, tricks, and get advice on maximizing the template’s potential.

Processing payments

An essential component of any agency business is a reliable payment processing system. With Memberstack, you benefit from seamless integration with Stripe, a leading payment platform, ensuring smooth transactions. 

This integration not only facilitates Stripe-handled client purchases but also connects these transactions to the client’s existing Memberstack memberships. Such connections offer valuable insights into client preferences and behaviors. For detailed guidance on setting up Stripe with Memberstack and Webflow, please refer to our documentation.

How much does it cost to run an Agency on Webflow?

Starting with the Premium Agency Template not only simplifies the launch but also makes the costs of operating your business more predictable. You can acquire the template for a one-time fee of $129, or for just $62 if you have an active Memberstack plan.

This template seamlessly integrates with Webflow and Make, and the total cost may vary depending on your business size and the specific features you require. For a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved in starting your business with this template, please check out the video below.


Launching and managing an online agency using Webflow and Memberstack offers a streamlined, efficient, and scalable approach to set your agency on the path to success.

To sum up, here are the key takeaways from our discussion about building an agency with Webflow:

1. Choosing Your Niche

Focusing on a specific market segment not only distinguishes your agency but also enables you to tailor your services to meet specific client needs more effectively.

2. Starting with a Template

Utilizing a ready-made template, such as the Memberstack Premium Agency Template, accelerates the setup process, ensuring your agency is equipped with professional-grade tools from day one.

3. Leveraging Webflow and Memberstack

This combination is crucial for agencies looking to get a blend of creative design and functional complexity on their website. Webflow facilitates the design and development process, while Memberstack enhances user experience with secure logins, automated billing integrations, and personalized client portals.

4. Customization and Client Engagement

Customizing the template to reflect your brand identity and incorporating features that enhance client engagement are vital. Features like CMS-based client portals and automated call booking systems offered by the Premium Agency Template not only improve the user experience but also streamline your workflow.