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Robert Jett

We've put together a list of startup discounts for the most popular software sites you can use with Webflow!

Discount Programs 

In the early stages of launching a startup, every penny counts. It's a time when budgets are tight, but the need for top-notch tools and services is high. Fortunately, several of our favorite websites understand the struggles of startup life and offer attractive discount plans specially designed for budding businesses. 

These discounts, or in some instances, even free access, can be a game-changer for your startup, helping you gain access to valuable resources that might otherwise be out of reach. In this blog post, we're diving into some of the best startup discounts out there. 

Whether you're want to better manage projects, accelerate design, or more, here are startup discounts available from some of our favorite tools: 


Webflow offers the “Webflow for Startups” discount program for early-stage companies that meet specific criteria. These criteria include: series A funding or below, less than 50 employees, association with one of their partners, and status as a new Webflow customer.

This program provides 50% off a team plan for 12 months. 

The partner organizations are VCs, accelerators, and closed communities who have themselves applied for the program. Therefore, you may be required to join one of these programs (or have any relevant organization apply to join the program). 

All criteria must be met to apply. 

You can find out more information about this program here and you can apply directly using this form


Membertack offers a discount for startups that have attended a startup from (i.e. Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Launch) and raised less than $1 million in funding. It provides a $249/month (monthly) or $199/month (yearly) price with 10,000 members included. 

You can find out more about this program here or you can apply directly using this form


Zapier does not currently offer any discounts for startups using their product. However, their website does suggest purchasing an annual plan for a 33% discount on the monthly price. 

Currently, their “Teams” plan starts at $103.50/month (monthly) or $69/month (annually) for 2,000 tasks and unlimited users (with price increasing depending on the  number of needed tasks). 


Make does not currently offer any discounts for startups – although the discounted yearly pricing also applies. 

Their “Teams” plan currently starts at $34.12/month (monthly) or $29/month (annually) for 10,000 operations – and every plan (including the Free tier) allows for unlimited users. The Teams plan allows for more granularity in how those users can be organized, though. 


Notion offers two special discount programs for startups through their “Notion for Startups” program. The first provides 6 months of free use and unlimited use of Notion AI (their new generative AI tool) for companies that meet specific criteria and the second offers three months of the same. 

For the six-month program, your company must be a new Notion customer, have under 50 employees, have raised under $10 million in funding, and must be affiliated with one of their startup partners. 

The three-month version has the same requirements (with a minimum raise of $50K) – but does not require affiliation with their partners. 

For more information, check out this link or fill out this form to apply directly. Notion has partnerships with many VCs and accelerators – so reach out to your advisors to determine if you are eligible. 


Typeform offers a 75% discount on their Business plan (for a year) to qualified startups through their “Typeform Business” program. This discount applies to startups that meet the following criteria: 

  • Your startup must be at a seed stage.
  • Your startup must have less than $1 million in funding.
  • Your startup must have less than $1 million in lifetime revenue.
  • Your startup must not be an existing Typeform customer.

You can find out more about this program here or can apply directly at this link.  


Airtable does not offer any direct discounts for startups. However, a website appears to have found some Airtable coupons available on a few different sites that are specifically targeted at startup founders. These often require previous membership in other communities though – which can itself come at a cost. 

You can find some of those discounts here


Figma does not offer any discounts for startups. It is worth also noting that the “Figma Organization”, the most likely choice for growing startups, can only be billed annually – meaning that there is no discount for annual memberships.

In conclusion, navigating the early stages of a startup can be challenging, but with the right resources and some smart decisions, it doesn't have to break the bank. The startup discounts and free access opportunities we've highlighted in this post are excellent ways to access premium services and tools at a fraction of the cost. 

They can provide you with the resources you need to grow and scale your startup effectively. Remember, each dollar saved today is a dollar that can be invested in your business's future tomorrow. So, take full advantage of these offers and watch as they contribute to the successful growth of your startup.