New updates and improvements around Memberstack. 


Our Changelog has moved!

Please see the Memberstack 2.0 Community for updates.

May 29, 2022

Webflow Package

  • added the ability for members to add free plans via data-ms-plan:add
  • added the ability for members to remove free plans via data-ms-plan:remove
  • Testing an attribute called data-ms-plan="no-plan" which, when added to a signup form, will always create an account
  • without a plan.
  • Testing attributes called data-ms-content="paid-plans"  data-ms-content="free-plans"  data-ms-content="no-plans"  which
  • let you show or hide content for member’s with paid plans, free plans, and no plans.
  • Webflow package is up to 30 test cases :test_tube: :safety_vest:
  • Fixed a bug with member logouts


  • Lots of UI/UX improvements
  • Testing the Member JSON feature
  • Working on making it easier to add the header script to Webflow projects
  • Handoff the custom fields UI updates from last week
  • Merged the rest of the Domain-specific login changes into dev
  • Spec’d member-specific pages
    Making some tweaks to the Gated Content UI

Hosted UI

  • Fixed a bug with the paid signup component
  • More UI changes to our hosted UI
  • Lots of improvements to component password reset process

Stripe functionality

  • Testing more Webflow + Stripe features
  • Enabled Stripe Customer Portal - basic prototype is up and running
  • Stripe Taxes UI
  • Adding Tax, Coupon, and Free Trial support to Stripe checkout.


  • Improved security of our database
  • Shortened the password reset token to 6-characters
  • Added an endpoint for Zapier/Make to retrieve an app’s custom fields
  • Working on better auth token support in dom library

Mar 11, 2022


  • Drastically simplified our Client API (which makes debugging easier on our side and enables us to push improvements faster on your side).
  • Added and improved the Emoji Picker. You can now have emojis associated with plans 🍍🍔🌱
  • We improved the UX for the Application Switcher for those with multiple 2.0 projects.
  • Revamped Prices Flow: We have a brand new flow for working with Plan Prices. Check it out!
  • Memberstack now automatically generates API keys when a new application is created.
  • We made lots of tiny UX improvements on the Plans & Pricing page to make the product easier to navigate.
  • Made all the toggles across the application more intuitive & visible.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI flashing upon navigating to new pages
  • Fixed permission toggle loading
  • Fixed Modal UIs that weren’t loading in dashboard
  • Fixed blank screen when editing/deleting content group
  • Fixed blank screen when toggling test mode
  • Fixed components carousel flashing in dashboard on page refresh
  • Fixed permission toggle loading

Feb 28, 2022


  • You can now delete plans and prices that do not have members
  • Improved the delivery speed of webhooks 🚀
  • Added a modal to confirm deletion of an application and prevent accidental deletes.
  • Plans page now shows the number of members in each plan
  • You can now also add an emoji to each plan 🌴
  • Improved app-wide toggles visually
  • Improved empty-states across the Application
  • Added UI to show Stripe requirements when adding a price without an established Stripe connection.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where only whole numbers could be entered for price amounts
  • Fixed a bug in the “@memberstack/dom” getPlans function
  • Fixed a problem causing the dashboard to go blank while creating members

Feb 17, 2020

These updates pertain to the Beta version of Memberstack. Join the waitlist for updates and early access.


  • Plans Page is now a lot more streamlined & it’s easier to work with Individual Plans
  • Tons of small UI design updates
  • Improved UX on the Plan Settings page
  • Improved designs for displaying & working with Plan Prices
  • Improved flow to delete member permissions
  • Added the ability to set default payment methods for members

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the admin API to sometimes return a 500 error.
  • Fixed a bug causing user password resets to fail.
  • Fixed a bug causing app deletes to fail.
  • Fixed a bug causing weird behavior when updating members via the dashboard.
  • Fixed 9 other various bugs.

Feb 8, 2022

These updates pertain to the Beta version of Memberstack. Join the waitlist for updates and early access.

Members and Plans page.

We’ve completely redesigned a few pages to be faster, easier to use, and more powerful! In the dashboard, you’ll notice these improvements across the members and plans page.

Multiple and Default Cards

Members are now able to add multiple cards to their account. They can also select a card as a default card to use across all their purchases and subscriptions.

Fixes and Improvements

  • You can now view how many members a specific price has.
  • Fixed a bug causing American Express card to fail during checkout.
  • Fixed a bug where sandbox mode members could signup for live mode plans.
  • Fixed a bug causing the checkout UI to not update when selecting different plans.
  • Fixed a bug causing the component carousel to not refresh.
  • Added the ability to see which plans an inherited permission is granted by.
  • Added the ability to pass debug:true to libraries for easier debugging.
  • Added domain validation.