1.0 vs 2.0

What's new in Memberstack 2.0, and how do v1 and v2 compare?

A LOT has changed since we launched the latest version of Memberstack. In addition to the entirely new features listed below, the entire backend has been overhauled. We're able to develop features more quickly, the dashboard is faster, the user experience is better, and there's no need for a Memberstack 3.0.

Member Metrics
Keep track of total members, sign ups, active subscriptions, one time plans, trialing members, paying members, and more from a central dashboard.
Plan Logic
Create "if-then" statements for managing plans on your website.
Member Limits
Perfect for in-person events like conferences, fitness classes, and seminars.
Login As Member
Help any member through a specific problem without needing to record a step-by-step videos or type up a long email.
Hosted Content
Host HTML content and links directly within Memberstack, ensuring that your “hosted” content is only accessible to members with the appropriate plans or permissions.
Passwordless Logins
Build a fully custom passwordless signup and login form for your members. Give them the option to login with a password, magic link, social provider, and more!
Concurrent Logins
You decide if members are able to share login credentials or log into the same account on multiple devices. You can turn this setting on or off with a single toggle.
Import Stripe Products
Migrating your existing business? Reduce churn and retain analytics by importing your existing Stripe products into Memberstack.
Verify new members during sign up
You have the option to require members to verify their email before gaining access to content on your site. Just go to site settings, set a “Verification required” page, and done!
Collect Business Tax IDs
Collect a customer’s tax ID during checkout to be displayed on invoices. All tax IDs display in the header of invoice and credit note PDFs.
Custom Error and Success Messages
You get to design everything. Including the error and success messages that Memberstack displays when an "Email is already taken" or a "Profile has been updated."
Cancellation Insights
Collection cancellation reasons from customers via Stripe's pre-built UI.
Custom Expiration Dates
Set custom expiration dates to both free & paid plans!
Test Mode
Every new Memberstack project is in Test Mode by default. Once you're ready to go live, you will need to specify which domains should be used for ongoing testing and which are live.
Unlimited Members
Scaling isn't a problem with Memberstack - even if your site has millions of members, you'll never hit a limit with Memberstack.
ACH Payments
Accept ACH Direct Debit payments from customers with a US bank account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments system.
SEPA Direct Debit
Collect your customers’ names and bank account numbers in IBAN format.
Apple Pay
Accept Apple Pay in iOS applications in iOS 9 and above, and on the web in Safari starting with iOS 10 or macOS Sierra.
Google Pay
Allows customers to make payments in your app or website using any credit or debit card saved to their Google Account, including those from Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or an Android device.
SSO via OpenID Connect
Verify the identity of the members based on the authentication performed by Memberstack as well as obtain basic profile information about the member.
Search & post questions and helpful tips from the Memberstack community on our forum.
Community Slack
Collaborate with, learn from, and get help from one of the 3000+ Memberstack experts in our Slack workspace.
Export Subscription Data
Memberstack relies on Stripe to securely process payments and store payment information. Because we don't handle this data, you are free to export this data from Stripe at anytime.
Pausing subscriptions
Use pausing to temporarily offer your services for free or to temporarily revoke access to content.
Import Paying Members
As long as your users are paying through Stripe, you can import them from other platforms into Memberstack seamlessly.
If you have access to a backend environment (server, serverless lambdas, edge workers), you can use our MemberStack admin package to verify a member’s access token AND control what data get returned based on their permissions. Verifying tokens on the server is an industry-standard approach to authentication and is considered a best practice for authorizing requests.
Block Disposable Emails
By default, Memberstack will prevent sign-ups from thousands and thousands of "throw-away" email addresses.
Webflow Component Library
Constantly growing library of over 200 custom-built Webflow components.
Email Verification
Require members to verify their email address during signup and/or prompt them to verify their email after signup.
Create your own UI and set the text to be in any language you like. Translate hosted pages, error messages, and success messages too.
Make.com (Integromat)
Design, build, and automate anything for your work by creating automated visual workflows. Choose from thousands of ready-made apps or use Make's no-code toolkit to connect to apps not yet in the Make library.
LinkedIn Login
Allow your members to sign up & login into your web app with their LinkedIn account.
Github Login
Allow your members to sign up & login into your web app with their Github account.
Spotify Login
Allow your members to sign up & login into your web app with their Spotify account.
Dribbble Login
Allow your members to sign up & login into your web app with their Dribbble account.
Facebook Login
Allow your members to sign up & login into your web app with their Facebook account.
Google Login
Allow your members to sign up & login into your web app with their Google account.
2FA for Admin
Require site admin to verify their identity before gaining access to sensitive customer information.
Allowed Domain List
Specify the domains you want your Memberstack instance to function on.
Event Log
See the history of your users, login/signup events, purchase events, profile updates.
Stripe Taxes
Calculate and collect sales tax, VAT, and GST automatically on your transactions.
Easily add hCaptcha to your signup and login forms. hCaptcha is a "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" that is designed to protect websites from spam, bots, and other automated attacks.
Typeform Integration
Inject Typeform embedded widgets with hidden fields & member data on your site.
Add, Remove and Update a member’s free plan
Customers can add, remove and update a member’s free plan in the dashboard
Member Search
Easily locate any member by name, email, id, or other member data.
Multiple Currencies
Accept payments in 135+ currencies.
Circle Community
Allow members to log into your Circle.so community. Circle brings together courses, discussions, live streams, chat, events, and more — all in one place, all under your own brand.
Support Team
Still need help? Get fast support from our expert support team!
Help Center
Access over a hundred Memberstack guides written by our expert support team.
Stripe Integration
Securely connect Memberstack to Stripe and have total control over your payments.
Password Reset Emails
Members can request a password reset email where the styling is pulled from your app's logo and brand color.
Store info that might look different across members with metadata.
Member JSON Object
Store complex member data in Memberstack through JSON.
Custom Forms
Build any form UI in your front-end and connect it to Memberstack attributes for logging in, signing up, profile settings, forgotten passwords and more.
Signup Rules
Stop users from signing up for certain plans if their email does not match a certain domain.
Gate Content
Control who can see pages by account status, payment status & plan level.
Custom Redirects
Manage the URLs members are redirected to when they sign up, log in, or log out.
Data Encrypted at Rest
Your data is always fully-encrypted when saved.
Client Side Packages
DOM package, easily access and use prebuilt UI components or just use functions to build your own UI's. React package, use our react specific package for an even easier integration.
Developer API
Manage your members and your business from our admin API.
Connect Memberstack to Zapier to automate your workflows. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.
Listen to events within your application. Member events like: member.created, member.updated, and member.deleted. Plan events like: member.plan.added, member.plan.updated, member.plan.replaced, and member.plan.canceled. Payment events like: member.payment.failed, and member.payment.succeeded
Add users via the dashboard
Add users to your platform through the Memberstack dashboard without them having to sign up.
Manage your members' payments
Keep track of + update your members' paid subscriptions through Stripe.
Sell recurring subscriptions like Spotify, Netflix, etc. With Subscriptions, customers make recurring payments for access to your products or services.
Custom Fields
Collect and store any data you can pass through a Webflow form in your members' profiles.
Email & Password
Allow your members to sign in and create an account using an email and password.
Export Members
Any data collected by Memberstack is exportable at anytime. This includes the data you collect from members, JSON data, Metadata, and plan data.
Multi-step Onboarding
Create high converting signup flows that look and feel exactly the way you want.
Invite your Team
You can now invite team members and clients to your Memberstack dashboard.
User Roles
Give your fans, members, employees, etc. access to gated content in exchange for an email and password.
Free Trials
Give your audience a taste of your product or service before they purchase.
Conditional Visibility
Hide elements from certain members depending on their logged in status, their plan level, and more.
Setup Fees
Charge members a one-time set up fee when they first sign up.
Member-specific Pages
Build one-off pages on your site to personalize the user experience for each member. Perfect for clients, businesses, and other high-value customers.
Password Reset Modal
Let members reset their old/forgotten passwords anytime.
Profile Portal
Let members manage themselves with easy access to their information, billing history, and current membership.
Personalized Content
Personalize every user's experience with information they provide during signup or data you add later on.
Paid Memberships
Generate recurring income by billing your members every week, month, or year.
Run promotions, drive more sales, and offer discounts to your newest or most loyal members.