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Please introduce yourself and what you do...

My name's Noah Raskin, I'm a web designer, and I try to create cool things that people can use.

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What is CodeCrumbs & how does it work?

So CodeCrumbs is a growing curated list of code snippets built for people who use Webflow and want to expand on its native functionality.

Before CodeCrumbs I'd spend hours searching forums, communities, and code repos looking for useful code. There wasn't an easy way to save them, and it definitely wasn't easy to share things.

After a while of saving all these code snippets, I thought it'd be cool to put them into a library that I can use whenever I needed.

What's your favorite thing about Memberstack?

Having memberships and member areas means my users can save their favorite snippets and access them anytime in the future.

What would you have done if Memberstack didn't exist?

I think it would have been super bare bones. I wouldn't have been able to build the experience I wanted to build for my users. Honestly, I probably would have just kept it to myself and stuck to one of those snippet libraries.

Have you tried any other membership tools?

Yeah, no, I haven't really touched other tools. The fact that you guys are so engaging made Memberstack that much more appealing.

Who would you recommend Memberstack to?

I wish I knew more people to recommend Memberstack to. Everyone I know has already heard of it or already uses it.