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Growth marketing agency turned scalable SaaS product

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Why do you use Memberstack?

Our primary goal is to validate a scalable SaaS product idea. This first milestone we set is reaching $20-30k ARR, which translates to 10 paying customers. Anything that doesn't help us get 10 customers is a waste of our time.

Speed: without Memberstack, we could have spent many months building a custom web app.

Easy analytics: the integration with Heap is amazing - I've worked with $100 million B2C startups, and Memberstack + Heap is as good or better than everything else.

The Slack community: This is the first time I've been active in a community! I love the "no-code" space; Notion, Webflow, Airtable, etc.

Who are you, and how big is your team?

My name is David, and I am co-founder of Polar, a centralized marketing analytics dashboard for Shopify brands. We're a team of just two people, and we do a bit of everything. I handle front-end, product, marketing, sales & support. My co-founder handles tech, back-end, and data science.

Our stack incorporates a lot of no-code elements (Zapier, Memberstack, Airtable, Webflow), which enabled us to ship the first version in 1-2 months and iterate and ship a new version 2 months after. We wrote code and invested only on features that drove direct significant user value, which enabled us to charge quickly $200-300 per month with a $1200 setup fee. There are other well-established tools in the space (Supermetrics, Data Studio, etc.), but in a couple of months, we were  able to compete on 80% of their features and acquire our first paying customers.

How did you get started?

We launched a growth marketing agency dedicated to direct to consumer brands, around 4 services: paid acquisition, email marketing, UX optimisation and data analytics. You could call us a full-service growth consulting & implementation agency for B2C companies.

Everything was going well, we were charging high retainers, and our customers were happy, but it just didn't scale. We wanted to keep helping our clients scale, but we want to do it with software. One day we could see ourselves releasing a whole suite of growth marketing products, but for now, we have to start with one. Our first B2B SaaS product enables brands selling on Shopify to gain access to actionable marketing insights, with a one-click setup.

Have you ever tried a Memberstack competitor?

Nope. Before, we used a password protected page.



Would you recommend Memberstack to another person or company?

I would recommend Memberstack to any of my friends that would want to launch a B2B SaaS, but I wouldn't go around and talk about Memberstack online because it's like a secret weapon.

What you guys are building is super powerful.