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Aiva (Search Historian)

Trying to make a Footer Navigation on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free webflow Footers that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Free Footer Navigation Cloneables for Webflow

Nothing worse than a messy and disorganized footer at the end of every page of your Webflow website. Because website builds differ in complexity, size and problems that it can solve for their user… Picking a perfect solution for your footer design is a must!

After reviewing all cloneable Webflow footer selection, we picked the best of the best, so you can save time and find the right footer for your build - all based on the footer specs you might be looking for. Doesn’t matter if your footer is small or big, needs many links and features or has to be minimal, there’s a footer on this list for any website build! 

Simple Subscribe Footer Navigation Cloneable by Mozaik

This is the perfect footer for all tiny Webflow builds that are 10-20 pages max. It has 2 sections for 8-10 most important links and has privacy and terms pages linked separately. It also comes with a simple newsletter subscription form and logo.

This footer utilizes a 4 column grid layout so it will be easy to improve or adapt it to most website builds. Doesn’t matter what industry or niche your Webflow website is, if it's a small site that doesn't need much more than 10 links in it’s footer this is a great example of how to have it simple and very functional at the same time!

What is in this Footer Navigation?

  • 4 column grid footer build with newsletter signup and button divider block.

What is this Footer Navigation best for?

  • Great for small Webflow websites
  • Also great learning cloneable if you want to find out how to build a simple footer
Pros Cons
✅ Simple and very functional design ❌ Not built with Client-first so you will need to rename a lot of classes
✅ Can be adapted to any website niche or design aesthetic

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Footer Navigation if you seek a simple and functional footer for a small Webflow website.

Footer Navigation with SaaS UI Cloneable by Memberstack

This cloneable has so much going on and can be a great starting point for almost any type of website you are building. This cloneable has everything you need for a website, but in terms of footers - it has multiple footers to choose from.

Best part is that because it’s matched with a bunch of other types of components, you can build almost any small or medium site out of components in this cloneable. 

What is in this Footer Navigation?

  • Multiple different types of footers and other components in one UI kit cloneable

What is this Footer Navigation best for?

  • Any type of small-medium website build
  • Perfect for beginners trying to learn Webflow
Pros Cons
✅ Comes with multiple footer types ❌ Doesn’t use Client-First but the project is still very simple to read and edit due to understandable class naming conventions
✅ Comes with other components that match footer design and classes

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Footer Navigation

Standard Footer Navigation Cloneable by The Quo Repo Project

This is your classic medium or big SaaS or web app website footer that we are all used to seeing. It uses a 5 column grid for different footer link categories and has one more section on the side for buttons. Lower divider section hosts all the social media links, so this footer has everything you need without making things too complicated.

This footer will fit any type of website that has 50-100 pages or more and will fit all the most important links in it. You can also easily remove or add extra columns to match any company's profile and link category types. Great functional footer for bigger Webflow website builds. 

What is in this Footer Navigation?

  • 5 category column footer that fits 40 or more links in it.

What is this Footer Navigation best for?

  • Medium/large Webflow websites
  • Even small phone app builds as it will work out of the box for them
Pros Cons
✅ Easy to rebuild from scratch if you use this as an inspiration ❌ Class naming convention is a bit messy but it’s understandable
✅ Great cloneable for quick mockup MVP builds of bigger sites

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Footer Navigation cloneable if you need a footer for a medium or large Webflow website that needs 40 or more links in the footer.

10x Footer Navigation Cloneable Collection by Siv. Studio

How about 10 footers in one cloneable? Well those 10 footers are not exactly cloneable, but be sure to visit the author page to find 9 more footers made by the same team. We picked a small website footer because of mouse hover interactions behind it. This footer will fit any tiny website that has just a few pages and contact or address is more important than adding loads of links into it.

This footer works well in dark mode and the hover interaction can add that expensive touch that certain smaller Webflow builds need. This footer has been inspired by a design agency website, but it can work on loads of different websites despite the industry.

What is in this Footer Navigation?

  • Footer navigation with mouse hover animations

What is this Footer Navigation best for?

  • Tiny one pager websites
  • Also good for websites that have just a few pages
Pros Cons
✅ Adds a bit of expensive feeling ❌ Class naming convention is not Client-first but it’s definitely readable and understandable
✅ Simple and functional footer navigation

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Footer Navigation if you have a small project that could use a bit of expensive vibes in the footer. Also check the author page as they have 10+ other similar footers that might work for your build!

Auto Color Change Footer Navigation Cloneable by Halo Lab

This is such a unique take on what footer can be that it’s a must see for every Webflow enthusiast. The effective part about this footer is that it will change body color periodically. While this approach might not work for most types of Webflow projects, it also utilizes a cool interaction that can help converting people within the footer.

While this footer cloneable probably will not work for your build if you just copy paste it and try to use it, checking some cool tricks like changing heading and other amazing solutions is a must. If you analyze how this footer has been done, it will not only up your footer game looking forward but you can use same tricks in other types of sections as well.

What is in this Footer Navigation?

  • Footer that changes color and text elements periodically

What is this Footer Navigation best for?

  • Good for learning advanced tricks on Webflow
  • Certain types of very unique Webflow builds
Pros Cons
✅ Learn how to change colors periodically with Webflow ❌ While class naming convention is very readable, it’s not Client-First but relies on more classic CSS naming
✅ Learn how to do heading interactions

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Footer Navigation if you want to deepen your knowledge of creative ways how you can make your Webflow website very interactive and unique!

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