Best Webflow Popup Cloneables

Aiva (Search Historian)
December 22, 2022
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Trying to make a Popup modal on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free webflow Popups that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Free Popup Cloneables for Webflow

Because popup component is not native to Webflow, when you need it - it’s best if you check atleast a few ways how other Webflowers solved it. With some custom code and creativity, you can increase your Webflow website conversion rate significantly. 

Popups you will find on this list range from simple corner newsletter forms, to modals that place cookies and remember user actions. Doesn’t matter if you are a Webflow beginner or experienced developer, everyone will find the perfect popup modal they need!

Newsletter Popup Cloneable by Ludovic Losco

Seeking for a cool popup modal that converts visitors into raving fans? For a great newsletter popup check this one out! The design behind it is so lovely and will work for many different types of builds. It’s built with Client-First so it’s going to be extremely easy to adapt it to your next Webflow build.

Design behind this well built newsletter popup can be adapted to so many different use cases, so don’t worry if you are not looking for a newsletter signup cloneable. It’s so easy to take advantage of this functionality and completely change the purpose of your popup modal. Great component for any type of popup!

What is in this Popup?

Contact popup modal that makes it easier for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

What is this Popup best for?

  • Great for any type of website visitor conversion
  • Builds of any complexity, be simple small site or huge one, it will work everywhere
Pros Cons
✅ Very easy to adapt to any website style or design ❌ Interactions are simple, so if you have loads of interactions everywhere on the site, you might need to play with this popup a bit to get your desired result
✅ Built using Client-First

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Popup modal if you are looking for a great popup starter cloneable. Main function and purpose of this modal can be easily changed to any type of notice or conversion type.

Exit Intent Popup Cloneable by Jason Roach

If you need a Webflow cloneable that shows a popup every time a user tries to leave your website, this is the one you seek! With this custom code solution, every time your website visitors are trying to leave a popup will show up. Best part? It also uses a cookie to prevent this modal to load with each new website visit.

While the cloneable is very simple design wise, it focuses on functionality and can be easily adapted to any website build. Custom code is what you need and custom code is exactly what you will find in this component. Also, it comes with a guide so if you know your way around code, it will be easy to add or remove features as you please!

What is in this Popup?

Popup modal that will show up when users try to leave your Webflow website.

What is this Popup best for?

  • Any type of message that needs to be show when visitors are trying to leave before they finish some action on your website
  • Also good for…
Pros Cons
✅ Comes with cookies that remembers user action ❌ No design, so you will need to develop components to use this on your website
✅ There’s a guide for this custom code so you can improve this functionality to your liking

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Popup exit intent modal if you need a way to send a message to visitors trying to leave your website.

Bottom Corner Popup Modal Cloneable by Nikolai Bain

Another great newsletter or small form modal. This time the popup will show up in the bottom right on the screen. Users can close it by using the x icon in the corner. Alternatively, this is a form component so it might help you with bigger conversion rates.

Due to the very simple nature of this popup screen corner modal, it can be easily reworked into many different types of modals. We all know newsletter signup, but also think calendly appointments, support questions and anything else you can think of. Great modal that is easy to adapt to most Webflow builds!

What is in this Popup?

A popup that will show up in the bottom right corner on your Webflow website as soon as the web page loads.

What is this Popup best for?

  • Good for any type of simple popup modal
  • Can be repurposed for different types of functionality
Pros Cons
✅ Very simple popup that can be used even by complete Webflow beginners ❌ Doesn’t work on mobile, so you might need to design that if you need this to be responsive
✅ Form field set up with a design that will fit almost any website aesthetic with little or no design editing

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Popup cloneable if you need a simple and functional design modal that will show up every time a webpage loads.  

Calendly Button Meeting Popup Cloneable by JP Dionisio

This cloneable will show you how to turn any button into a calendly schedule event modal popup. If users being able to schedule a calendly meeting without leaving your Webflow website is what you seek - you must check this cloneable!

It utilizes custom attributes so that website visitors can stay on the same page and schedule a meeting in a matter of seconds. Because it works as a popup, you will not need to embed your calendly meeting form, it will show up whenever the user clicks on a button.

What is in this Popup?

Button that will open calendly meeting form as a popup modal.

What is this Popup best for?

  • Great for any website that needs to convert visitors to schedule a meeting via calendly
  • Amazing solution to analyze if you are looking to up your custom attribute game
Pros Cons
✅ No more leaving the site or embedding calendly forms to schedule a meeting ❌ Not built with Client-First so you will spend some time figuring out how to reuse it and renaming classes to match your project
✅ Simple to set up on your next Webflow build

Bottom line:

😎 Use this calendly Popup cloneable if you seek a better solution than linking to your calendly event or embedding it on your website.

Advanced Modal Popup with Scrollbar Cloneable by Bas van Straaten

This great Webflow cloneable gives you 3 different versions of a similar popup modal. Not only that, it’s also a type of popup that has so many different use cases. This makes this cloneable a must try for everyone! Doesn’t matter if you are experienced or new Webflow developer/designer - you might be using this cloneable more than you imagine.

The premise behind this popup is simple - add an extra rich text block of information into the modal and show it only when visitors want to see it. This is a very common practice for different parts of e-commerce product related information, but it has so many other amazing use cases!

What is in this Popup?

Modal popups that allow you to have long form content hidden until the user wants to see it. Comes with 3x different scrollbar solutions.

What is this Popup best for?

  • Great cloneable to have for any future Webflow builds, you don’t know when you might need it
  • Can be used by both experienced and beginner Webflowers
Pros Cons
✅ Solves UI/UX for very content heavy web pages ❌ Not ideal for SEO as search engines give lover importance for hidden content and this counts as hidden content
✅ Clean and very adaptable design that will fit most builds

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Popup with scrollbar cloneable if you need a big chunk of content hidden, but want to make it easy for users to find it only if they need it.

Welcome Demo Tour Popup Modal Cloneable by Memberstack

This is a cloneable made by us, but it solves a problem that no other cloneable on this list tackled. What if your popup is a demo tour? What if you need slides in your popup to onboard users faster? Then you need this cloneable!

While we have all seen this in different webapps, there’s plenty of other use cases that even Webflow builds that are not apps can utilize this for. With some Webflow experience and creativity this can be anything from multistep popup form, to newsletter signups and much much more!

What is in this Popup?

A welcome overlay multi-step slider popup modal.

What is this Popup best for?

  • Any webapp that you are building on Webflow
  • Popup modal that needs slider inside it
Pros Cons
✅ Easy to adapt to most website designs ❌ Not very useful for simple small websites
✅ Experienced Webflow developers can turn this modal into anything they want

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Popup overlay if you are seeking a multistep modal that can guide users through a staged experience!

Have a Popup cloneable that could be showcased on this list?

Haven't found what you are looking for? Be sure to check Webflow Popup cloneables showcase or drop us a message if you think we missed something here!

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