Building a Webflow Agency Dashboard with Webflow

Robert Jett
December 15, 2023
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In this post we'll cover everything from building a Webflow Agency Dashboard with templates as well as tips and strategies to growing a successful Webflow Agency Dashboard!

Building a Webflow Agency Dashboard with Webflow


In our extensive collaboration with Webflow designers, we've identified the key elements customers seek in digital solutions. An effective agency dashboard serves as a crucial interface between agencies and clients. It should clearly delineate permissions for both internal and external communications, with a design that ensures seamless, transparent interactions.

Before the Build: Understanding the Dynamics

Prior to embarking on building a Webflow agency dashboard, it's essential to grasp the intricacies of communication between agencies and clients. This involves identifying what information is vital to monitor internally and what details are pertinent for clients to be aware of regarding their projects. The focus here is less on the specifics of individual projects and more on establishing structures that clarify the progress and accomplishments of ongoing tasks. While our template is designed for Webflow agencies, in theory, any agency with client-agent relationships could benefit from such a dashboard.

Agencies That Could Benefit

  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies: For managing campaigns and tracking client feedback.
  • Software Development Firms: To oversee project milestones and provide status updates.
  • Public Relations Firms: For aligning media strategies and client expectations.
  • Design and Creative Agencies: To showcase ongoing work and revisions.

Choosing a Platform

Our expertise in Webflow shapes our recommendation for building agency dashboards. The requirement for a sophisticated permissions system necessitates a platform that simplifies user management. While Memberstack is our preferred choice, other platforms offering similar functionalities can also be considered.

Building with Webflow: With a Template

We've created an all-encompassing dashboard template within Webflow's CMS to manage both agency and client needs efficiently.

Setting Up Webflow with a Template

Our template (available at Memberstack) is a comprehensive tool that facilitates the management of Webflow projects. Cloning this template gives you instant access to our well-crafted solution.


Our dashboard template includes a range of features:

  • Add Projects: Allows agencies to add and update projects in real-time.
  • Track Progress: Enables both parties to monitor the development of projects.

  • Manage Invoices: Simplifies the financial aspects, including invoicing and payments.
  • Store Valuable Links: Keeps all essential project-related links in one place.
  • Educate Clients: Provides resources and guidance to clients for better understanding.
  • And More: The dashboard is equipped to handle a variety of other crucial tasks.


This is a code-heavy template. If you are interested in customizing how the site looks or works, you’ll need to first get an understanding of how this code is impacting the website. You can see the code in the homepage below. Before going live with your website, it’s important to delete line 7 and 37 in the head code. 


The dashboard is designed as a dual-platform system, integrating seamlessly with Memberstack's permission features, ensuring a straightforward setup for your business.

Memberstack Support

In the near future, we will release comprehensive tutorials on optimizing the use of this template. For early adopters, you can reach out to for personalized assistance. Special thanks to Juniper Lee Design for their invaluable contributions to our editor guide.


This guide outlines the process of building an efficient and effective agency dashboard using Webflow and Memberstack. Our template serves as a robust starting point, offering a range of features and customizable options to suit the unique needs of various agencies. With our support and resources, you can confidently create a dashboard that enhances communication and project management with clients. We encourage you to utilize our template as the foundation for your own customized solution in streamlining your agency's workflow.