How to Grow Your Workout Programme with Webflow and Memberstack


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Kevin Richer

Everything you need to know about growing your Workout Programme with examples. We'll explore how Memberstack and Webflow's features can help turn your Webflow site into an engaging, monetizable Workout Programme plus the common challenges of launching and scaling your Workout Programmes!

How to Grow Your Workout Programme with Webflow

Growing a successful workout programme requires more than just offering excellent training sessions; it involves creating a strong online presence that attracts and retains members. For Webflow developers looking to assist clients in expanding their workout programmes, integrating Webflow with Memberstack offers a seamless, powerful solution. This article provides practical steps, examples, and tips to help you enhance your workout programme effectively, leveraging a premium Workout Programme Template.


Successful workout programmes combine high-quality content with user-friendly interfaces. They also use technology to automate signups and account management to scale without excessive overhead. Consider examples like Daily Burn, Les Mills on Demand, and Centr by Chris Hemsworth.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers a subscription service providing a wide variety of workout options, including cardio, strength training, yoga, and HIIT, all accessible from the comfort of home. What makes Daily Burn unique is its focus on diversity and inclusivity in fitness, with programs designed for different fitness levels and goals. Additionally, Daily Burn offers live classes every day, allowing members to participate in real-time workouts with a sense of community and accountability.

Les Mills On Demand

Les Mills On Demand brings the renowned group fitness classes of Les Mills directly to your home. Known for its high-energy and professionally choreographed workouts, Les Mills On Demand offers classes like BodyPump, BodyCombat, and RPM. What sets it apart is the quality and variety of its workouts, created by top fitness professionals and designed to replicate the experience of a live class. The platform also frequently updates its content to keep workouts fresh and engaging.

Centr by Chris Hemsworth

Centr is a holistic fitness app created by actor Chris Hemsworth and his team of experts. It provides a comprehensive approach to wellness, combining workouts, meal plans, and mindfulness practices. Centr's unique aspect is its integration of all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, with content developed by world-class trainers, chefs, and mindfulness experts. The app's personalized approach, along with its focus on both physical and mental well-being, makes it a standout choice for those looking to improve their overall health.

Marketing Your Workout Programme

You could have the best workout programme around, but it will still be hard to sell if nobody knows about it. This is where marketing comes in; it helps connect your workout programme with potential customers. There are many ways to market your workout programme, let’s explore some of them now!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for increasing visibility in search results. Most major search engines publish guides on how to optimize your content for their algorithms, such as Google’s Starter Guide or Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines. However, some core principles apply to most search engine algorithms.

First, the search engine needs to be able to find and read your content. Fortunately, Webflow’s default settings and recommendations take care of all of your site's on-page and technical SEO needs. 

Measuring your site performance is key to getting SEO right. SEO successes are built on experimentation and learning what works with your target audience. Tools like Google Analytics can help you track your SEO performance.


Social media marketing is another method for improving your organic reach. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are excellent for sharing workout tips, success stories, and promotional offers. Consistent, engaging posts can significantly increase your subscriber base which forms the base of a marketing funnel you can use to sell your programme.

Growing a Your Own Community

Socials have existing user bases that you can tap into but face significant platform risk. Each platform has its own constantly shifting rules and faces the risk of disappearing one day. That’s why we believe it’s a good idea to build a community on a platform you own, like your workout programme website!

By adding comment sections to your programme, you can encourage users to gather and interact with each other. Memberstack’s commenting feature makes it easy to add comments wherever you’d like on your site. Many of our templates (such as our Workout Programme template) come with commenting built in.

Starting a Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter keeps your audience engaged and nurtures leads until they’re ready to purchase. Include updates, tips, and exclusive offers. Tools like Mailchimp help automate and personalize your emails. An effective newsletter includes sections on recent topics, upcoming events, and member testimonials.

Sending Branded Email Updates

Newsletters aren’t the only way to connect with your audience using email! Regular email updates keep your community informed and can be additional places to place calls to action. These emails can include invitations to new classes, confirmations, reminders, and thank-you notes. Each type of email serves to maintain engagement and reinforce the value of your programme.

Offer Live and Library of Workouts

Provide both live sessions and a library of recorded workouts to cater to different preferences. Live sessions serve customers who like to commit to working out at a specific time, while recordings cater to those needing more flexibility. 

Team Up with Other Businesses

Collaborate with complementary businesses, like supplement stores, fitness programmes, and gyms that your potential customers are likely to frequent. This can attract new members and add value to your existing ones. For example, a one-off week of yoga alongside your workouts can diversify your offerings and appeal to a broader audience.

Analytics - Track and Measure Performance

Utilize analytics to track member engagement, workout popularity, and overall website performance. Memberstack's built-in analytics dashboard, Member Metrics,  provides valuable insights related to your customer base that can inform your strategy and help you optimize your offerings.

With Webflow and Memberstack

Tips on Growing Your Workout Programme with Webflow and Memberstack

Webflow and Memberstack offer a range of features that streamline the creation and management of a workout programme:

  • Marketing Site: Create a visually appealing marketing site to attract potential members.
  • Workout Program Dashboard: A central hub for members to access their workout plans.
  • CMS Management of Your Workouts: Efficiently manage and update your workout content.
  • Payments: A streamlined payments integration with Stripe.
  • Vidzflow Video Hosting: Host and stream your workout videos seamlessly.
  • Account Management: Simplifies the signup and login process with options like social authentication.
  • GDPR Compliant Cookies: Ensure your site complies with privacy regulations.

Use our premium Workout Programme Template to get a head start. This template includes a customizable landing page, CMS collections for workout content, and tutorials to guide you through the setup process.

Know Your Competitors and What They’re Doing to Promote

Stay informed about your competitors. Analyze their strategies, offerings, and promotional activities to identify opportunities and threats. This understanding helps you differentiate your programme and refine your marketing tactics [Image of a competitor analysis].

Memberstack + Workout Programme Case Study - GRNDHOUSE

GRNDHOUSE is a strength-based online fitness platform that was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people stay fit and motivated at home. Developed by Haris Seoudy, GRNDHOUSE leveraged the integration capabilities of Webflow and Memberstack to quickly build and deploy their platform in just a week.

Unique features and success factors include:

  • Quick Development: Using Memberstack, GRNDHOUSE avoided lengthy custom development times, enabling a rapid launch.
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrated with Webflow for design, Airtable for data management, and Zapier for automation.
  • Membership Management: Memberstack facilitated the easy creation and management of multiple membership plans with recurring billing.
  • Community Support: The platform benefited from extensive documentation and community support, streamlining the implementation process.
  • Customizable Interface: Memberstack's backend interface allowed GRNDHOUSE to maintain its brand look and feel, offering a seamless user experience.
  • User-Friendly Features: The ability to filter members, apply coupon codes, and customize member access was crucial for operational efficiency.

By harnessing these tools, GRNDHOUSE grew to over 2,000 members. It offers a variety of strength-based workouts accessible anytime, anywhere, ensuring both convenience and consistency for its users.

For more information, visit GRNDHOUSE and their Memberstack Showcase.


Growing a successful workout programme involves creating a strong online presence that attracts and retains members. Using Webflow and Memberstack, you can leverage powerful features to enhance your workout programme. This article explores practical steps, examples like Daily Burn, Les Mills On Demand, and Centr, and tips on marketing through SEO, social media, newsletters, and more. It emphasizes the importance of analytics and highlights the GRNDHOUSE case study, showcasing the efficiency and capabilities of Webflow and Memberstack integration.

Ready to take your workout programme to the next level? Try Memberstack's premium Workout Programme Template today and streamline your path to success.