Cloneable Webflow Login Templates

Aiva (Search Historian)
October 26, 2022
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Trying to make a Login on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free Webflow Login forms that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Best Webflow Login Cloneables

Setting up auth on Webflow requires great login form designs. We piled up a great list of best login form cloneables on Webflow. All login cloneables on this list are easy to use and very straightforward!

Login cloneables are usually made of a simple form block and should have success and error messages ready in them. This way you can clone and start using them for your website login sequence right away!

Free Login Form Cloneables for Webflow

We tried to look for a small, but powerful and diverse list of most commonly used login forms. To make things even faster for you, here’s a list of cloneables you fill find below - use anchor links to go directly to the cloneable you want to learn more about!

  • Login form with social platform sign in buttons (and full sign-in functionality!)
  • Simple login form for Webflow beginners
  • Login form with more design elements (and signup page)
  • Popup login modal for navbar (when you don’t want to create pages)
  • Easiest login form to adapt to most designs
  • Password hide function on your login form

Yeti Login Form Cloneable by Duncan Hamra

We start off with something very simple, very generic, but at the same time… a Login cloneable that has everything you need! Your website’s auth process will run smoothly with this fun Yeti login cloneable!

It features a simple, but easy to tweak design that will be easy to adapt to any website and any authorisation process sequence. Perfect cloneable for first time login form set up!

What is in this Login Cloneable?

Easy to edit, basic 2 field authentication cloneable form with success and error messages.

What is this Login Cloneable best for?

  • First login form
  • Simple login pages on Webflow
  • Wireframe builds
Pros Cons
✅ Simple to use and adaptable design ❌ Doesn’t use client-first naming convention
✅ Success and error messages

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Login cloneable if you need a simple card login form with a simple to adapt design. We know we used simple too many times here, but that’s exactly what it is - great first auth login cloneable!

Fun Signup or Login UI Cloneable by Duncan Hamra

Need something cheeky? Looking for a fun signup cloneable that has a more flexible to design login UI? Adapt your auth process to any UX you need with this simple and fun login cloneable!

This cloneable comes with some fun, yet easy to tweak animations that will work amazing on certain designs! Swap those emoji images to any images that match your website design and launch an amazing login UI component that your users will enjoy!

What is in this Login Cloneable?

Login form with some Webflow interactions, extra images and error/success messages. 

What is this Login Cloneable best for?

  • Website builds that need more branding in their authentication UI
  • Both simple or complex design websites, that are looking for some fun in their functional login form!
Pros Cons
✅ Simple to adapt to client-first ❌ Will take time to redesign it accordingly to your website, but that’s exactly what you need, right?
✅ Has all the elements you need to start to make a complex login design

Bottom line:

😎 Use this login cloneable if you need a great auth UI base that will have interactions, images and other elements! Looking for more signup cloneables?

Webflow Social Login Form Cloneable by Duncan Hamra

With one click social login authorisation and account creation becoming the norm… You must have cloneables on this list that can offer social login options! This cloneable comes with all the social login options, so it will be extremely easy to choose the one you want!

Best part? It’s not only a login cloneable, this cloneable also has complete signup functionality. Basically it’s one authorisation cloneable to rule them all!

What is in this Login Cloneable?

Login and Signup features, with most possible social login functionality.

What is this Login Cloneable best for?

  • Any website build that needs complete authentication with all features
  • Websites that require social login feature
Pros Cons
✅ Social login buttons for most platforms ❌ Doesn’t use client-first (kinda uses, but you will need to tweak and analyze it to move it to client-first)
✅ Signup form is included

Bottom line:

😎 Use this login cloneable if you also need signup form in the same cloneable and if you need social login features for your next Webflow website build.

Password Hide Service Login Form Cloneable by Duncan Hamra

Making a Webflow login page and need that cool hide password field? We got you covered! This is a very nicely designed login form cloneable that makes it extremely easy to adapt it to most website designs.

If you are an experienced webflow developer or designer, you probably will only want to clone a single page (or just the field?)... But this cloneable is also perfect for beginners or first ever Webflow project with authentication as it comes with multiple pages, as a small website cloneable.

What is in this Login Cloneable?

Small service website build cloneable with a nifty login page that has a hide password field and functionality.

What is this Login Cloneable best for?

  • Websites that need hide password field
  • Base website cloneable for small service websites
Pros Cons
✅ Client First ready ❌ You might just need one page or section, not the whole cloneable site
✅ Comes with more pages, so bigger than just the login or signup modals

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Login and signup form cloneable for your next website that allows users to hide password while they are typing it. Can also work for small website with authentication as there are more pages waiting for you in this cloneable!

SaaS Login Template Cloneable by Duncan Hamra

Don’t let the SaaS login name fool you here. While the social login buttons and functionality might feel like another SaaS website, this cloneable will fit nicely with most Webflow builds. Doesn’t matter which niche or what kind of client!

As long as you need a great login form that matches nicely with a signup form… This is the perfect cloneable for you! Simple form field design makes it a great cloneable to start with - when you are making a new authentication system on any Webflow website.

What is in this Login Cloneable?

Few pages with login and signup functions, including social login and hide password feature.

What is this Login Cloneable best for?

  • Wireframe or any other type of website builds that you will style on top
  • Websites that require social authentication
Pros Cons
✅ Hide password feature and signup form available ❌ Not client-first ready, but can be easily adapted
✅ Very easily adaptable setup and design

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Login form cloneable if you are looking for a non-card login modal that will fit nicely in your next Webflow website build.

Pop-up Login Modal Cloneable by Memberstack

Sometimes popup login matches the website experience and design the best. For times like this, you need this great two button cloneable. This login form is a popup that can be added to your navbar.

This cloneable also brings signin popup functionality. Meaning, that you will have everything you need for a perfect website navigation. 

What is in this Login Popup Cloneable?

Navbar login and signup buttons that result in form popups (instead of leading to dedicated page).

What is this Login Popup Cloneable best for?

  • Perfect for navbar designs that need login and signup functionality
  • Builds that don’t want a dedicated /signup and /login page
Pros Cons
✅ Very smooth UX ❌ Might not be the best idea for certain types of websites (that would better have dedicated pages)
✅ Makes every website feel extremely professional

Bottom line:

😎 Use this Login popup modal cloneable for any website that you don’t want to create dedicated login and signup pages for. Just drop 2 buttons into navbar and you are good to go!

Have a Login cloneable that could be showcased on this list?

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