The Best Student Software Discounts for 2023


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Robert Jett

We've put together a list of student discounts for the most popular software sites!

Student life can be financially challenging, and every little bit of savings can make a significant difference. Thankfully, many of our favorite websites offer generous student discount plans that not only provide considerable price reductions but, in some cases, even grant complete access to their services for free. 

These discounts are not just limited to academic resources, they extend to a wide variety of areas, making student life more affordable and giving you access to some of the most popular tools available right now. 

Here are some discounts that are available to students in 2023:


Webflow offers a free CMS site plan for students studying at accredited colleges or schools or at any of their affiliated online courses (including General Assembly, Thinkful, Ironhack, Designlab, Careerfoundry, and Coursera’s Google UX course). 

Webflow is, of course, the most powerful no-code tool for developing beautiful, interactive websites. 

You can learn more about this plan here and apply to the program directly by filling out this form. The form requires some proof of enrolment. 


Memberstack offers a “Young Professional” plan that offers a 100% discount on the basic plan for young professionals between the ages of 18-22. 

Memberstack is (in our opinion) the best tool for Webflow developers looking to integrate memberships into their websites. 

You can find the application form here


As of 2023, Zapier does not explicitly offer any discounts for students. However, if you are using Zapier on behalf of a non-profit (maybe within your school), then you are eligible for the Zapier for Non-profits program


As of 2023, Make also doesn’t offer any student discounts. It doesn’t appear to offer any discounts – although a free version is still available for limited project needs. 


Notion offers a 100% discount for students and teachers if you sign up for an account with a .edu email. Notion is a powerful tool for taking notes, doing research, and organizing materials for classes or projects. 

You can find out more information about this program here


Typeform offers a 40% discount for one year on a monthly plan. To apply for this, you must have a .edu email and apply at the link below. Typeform is a great resource for those who need to embed a highly customizable form on their Webflow site. 

You can apply to this program by following this link


Airtable currently offers two paths for students with a .edu email address via its “Airtable for Education” program. In both cases, this functions as an extended free trial and comes with all of the features of a Pro account.

Airtable is a powerful tool for managing and visualizing data from databases. 

Students with an existing account associated with a .edu email address can follow this link to automatically sign up for the plan, and students without one can sign up using this form (in which you’ll need to create an account.  

You can find out more about this plan here.  


Figma offers free access to verified users through its “Figma for Education” plan. It requires that your account be associated with a .edu email address and go through a verification process. 

Figma is one of the most popular tools for collaborative design. 

You can find out more information about this plan here

Take advantage of these offers to acquire new skills, boost your productivity, or simply explore new hobbies. Remember, these discounts are designed to support you in your academic journey and beyond. So, don't hesitate to explore and utilize these tools both for your classwork and in building side-businesses and careers. 

Good luck!