5 Best Webflow Testimonial Templates

Robert Jett
November 14, 2022
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Customer feedback is an important tool for any business to prove to potential customers and clients the value of your product. Including an engaging testimonial section on a landing page is an incredible way to bring prior feedback to the forefront and craft a narrative around what visitors should expect. 

Webflow Testimonial Cloneables

While it is sometimes best to let your product or service speak for itself, it can’t hurt to sometimes let other people speak for it as well. Testimonial sections are a powerful way to get first-hand accounts of why people should want to get signed up. When presented in visually compelling and convincing ways, they can be a major force driving conversion on your websites. 

Testimonial Slider with Custom Arrows by Flowbase


Interactive webpage elements are always a surefire way to get visitors to your site engaged in whatever you’re selling. This testimonial cloneable from Flowbase combined interactivity with great UI design to offer a visually appealing way to get 

The focus of this template is the photographs. The samples they give feature smiley and colorful faces – a great use of what’s available. The structure of the testimonial text also means that you can include not only a witty quote, but names, brands, and other visual elements. Flowbase also emphasizes the customized arrows they’ve built, adding a new level of design freedom to your site. 

What is in this website template? 

  • A template of homepage with slider element 
  • Code snippet in <head> and before the </body> tag for custom sliders

What is this website template best for? 

  • People-focused testimonials
  • Website with only a few key testimonials
Pros Cons
✅ Easy to navigate design ❌ Must click through to see testimonials
✅Colorful template design

The Bottom Line

This is a fairly classic design for a testimonial section, albeit with exceptional design and a high degree of customizability. It goes well with colors and photos and will complement web pages that really want to emphasize those kinds of visuals. Flowbase is also a major design player in Webflow, so this template can fet well with other templates (from their website). 

Grid Testimonial Slider by Pretty-Nice-Websites


While testimonials are often placed at the bottom of web pages, sometimes it can be useful to make it a major focus of the page. This Grid Testimonial Slider from Pretty-Nice-Websites shows you what that can look like. It’s definitely possible to include this as a section (instead of a full page) but the intention is definitely to get readers to stop and focus on the testimonials being displayed. 

With another photo-centric UI, you’ll be best off choosing high-quality colorful photos to display. Stock photos would probably work well. There is a gradient design that can be modified directly within the Webflow platform. You’ll probably want to keep the quotes brief – the included text box isn’t that large (and you don’t want a font that is so small that it becomes unreadable). Also of note is the big call-to-action button included in each slide. 

What is in this website template? 

  • Homepage template with slider element 
  • A three-card slider

What is this website template best for? 

  • Low-text, image centered testimonials
  • Websites wanting to emphasize customer testimonials
Pros Cons
✅ Bright and colorful design ❌ Takes up a lot of space on the page
✅ Call-to-action button included on each slide

The Bottom Line

This is a great option if you want to make the testimonial a focus of an entire page or a large section of a page on your site. The call-to-action in every slide means that you can tailor the testimonial quotations toward getting people signed up for your website or subscribed to a newsletter.

Amazing Testimonials Section by ZealousWeb


You’ve done the work and collected the testimonials. Now you need to make all of the great feedback known to the world. This awesome testimonial template from ZealousWeb does the job and more. Featuring an auto-scrolling box layout, you’ll be able to display everything that you want to show off in a gorgeous UI design. 

The start of the show here is the interactive elements of the page. Although the boxes scroll by slowly, hovering over one freezes the box, inverts the colors, and lets you read through it. With so many testimonial boxes, I can imagine nesting the elements inside a CMS collection and populating new boxes using that. You don’t have to though, as the template page features all the boxes on scroll. 

What is in this website template? 

  • Homepage template 
  • 10 card elements (broken into two columns)

What is this website template best for? 

  • Websites/companies with a large number of testimonials to choose from 
  • Websites (or pages of a website) that want to focus on testimonials 
Pros Cons
✅ A lot of space for testimonials ❌ Requires substantial content upfront
✅ Well suited for CMS collections

The Bottom Line

This template tries to be a statement more than it tries to provide information for visitors to read. It’s a great way to showcase just how much your users appreciate the product you’re selling in a really interactive and visually interesting way. This is a great one for companies with a lot of clients or who sell many kinds of products and services.  

3D Testimonial or Process Card Animation on Scroll by Francesco Castronuovo


Scroll animations are definitely in right now. This 3D Testimonial Card template from Franceso Castronuovo is a great example of how you can use that for your own website. Although this template shows a process workflow, he acknowledges its great use case with testimonials. This is a good template to feature on a page with other scroll animations – it says “ok, now let’s hear what other people have to say”. 

The simple template design also means that you can make these cards into whatever you want them to be. From customer photos (or stock photos) to logos, the left-bound text and right-bound photo design is a tried and true way to display important information. Other elements like big quotation marks or subtitles could also be added. 

What is in this website template? 

  • Hosting page with (three) card elements
  • HTML embed code for the card scroll

What is this website template best for? 

  • A website with a full-section testimonial area
  • Pages where other elements enter are introduced on scroll
Pros Cons
✅ Flows well into scroll-based web pages ❌ Template is for a product process (not testimonials)
✅ Compelling 3D effect ❌ Could be disruptive to the flow of page

The Bottom Line

This one is best suited when it fits into the overall flow of your site. Animations on the scroll are a hugely popular element of a lot of Webflow sites, and this is a perfect way to fit testimonials into that UI schema. 

BRIX Testimonial Template


This is a classic testimonial design that stands out to us for its impeccable design and ease of use. Perfect snuggled away at the bottom of a landing page, it gives you a lot of space to show what your customers have been saying. The “quote highlight” and body text design of each box is a great design practice, letting viewers scan the testimonials for whatever sticks out to them. 

Another great candidate for nesting inside of a CMS collection, this is definitely made for text-heavy testimonials. Small circular photos are included in the design, but they are more of an afterthought that rounds out the design. The well-placed slider arrows also mean that information can be brought in and out of focus depending on what customers want to be reading.

What is in this website template? 

  • Home page with Brix branding/newsletter signup
  • Three versions of the testimonial templates (three different card arrangements)
  • Changelog (tracking updates to the template)

What is this website template best for? 

  • A small testimonial section at the bottom of the page
  • Websites that want to include punchy, short quotes from the testimonial 
Pros Cons
✅ Includes a short summary quote section ❌ Template is heavily branded (lots of navigation to do)
✅ Has many versions to choose from

The Bottom Line

This is perhaps the most classic of the options featured here. It isn’t overly imposing, but it does the job of highlighting customer feedback in a way that is very easy to make sense of. It doesn’t hurt that it is so well-designed as well.