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#18 - Easily Truncate Text v0.2

Add one attribute and a simple script to programatically truncate text!

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const elements = document.querySelectorAll('[ms-code-truncate]');

elements.forEach((element) => {
  const charLimit = parseInt(element.getAttribute('ms-code-truncate'));

  // Create a helper function that will recursively traverse the DOM tree
  const traverseNodes = (node, count) => {
    for (let child of node.childNodes) {
      // If the node is a text node, truncate if necessary
      if (child.nodeType === Node.TEXT_NODE) {
        if (count + child.textContent.length > charLimit) {
          child.textContent = child.textContent.slice(0, charLimit - count) + '...';
          return count + child.textContent.length;
        count += child.textContent.length;
      // If the node is an element, recurse through its children
      else if (child.nodeType === Node.ELEMENT_NODE) {
        count = traverseNodes(child, count);
    return count;

  // Create a deep clone of the element to work on. This is so that we don't modify the original element
  // until we have completely finished processing.
  const clone = element.cloneNode(true);

  // Traverse and truncate the cloned node
  traverseNodes(clone, 0);

  // Replace the original element with our modified clone
  element.parentNode.replaceChild(clone, element);
Truncate Text
Set the character limit of a string of text, truncate, and append "..."

v0.2 - Preserve HTML Structure

You can now use this with more advanced pieces of text that contain stuff such as line breaks and links.

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