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Who are you and what are you working on?

I'm Ben, I'm the founder and CEO of Makerpad, and Makerpad is a place to learn and build products & workflows without code.

Who uses Makerpad?

50+ percent of our users identify as entrepreneurs or founders, and when we drill down a bit more, like 80% of those have day jobs. We've got a big group of developers actually who use Makerpad - about 25% or so. The rest are all product people, marketing, and a mix of makers and professionals.

How do you use Memberstack?

Originally, Memberstack was a sort of payment-membership manager. We used it to show and hide Free and Pro content on the site.

Over time we've tried to push it a bit further than you all probably wanted. 😂

Now, we offer a full web app experience with user profiles connected to a forum where you can post comments and interact with others. It's not just paid access anymore.

What did you do before Memberstack?

I believe we had a link to a Carrd website with a basic payment pop-up. Checking out would trigger Zapier to send an email with the universal password so new users could access pro content on Makerpad.

Why did you decide to use Memberstack over other membership tools?

I haven't tried any others. In our position we see a lot of membership tools, but I haven't actually used any others, because I knew Memberstack was going to do everything I needed. I decided to use whatever was going to be the quickest for me to get up and running, and what did the most. For example, when I saw the meta-data API, I knew that was a feature we'd use to pass data around that most other tools wouldn't allow.

It was quite a powerful option for us. And we wanted something to be a bit more than just compete no-code.