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Who are you, and what do you do now? 

My name is Joshua, and I am the owner of pxlvue. We've been in business for 10 years now. We are a post production company for still photography. Primarily, we service the wedding photography industry. Our clients have the option of setting up subscriptions. We call them studio plans, which means they can sign up for basically a volume, a certain amount of images they may need edited, for a period of a year. Memberstack is vital in that. 

Previously, we were using a number of different plugins and WordPress and then separate sites. So using Memberstack is much more streamlined, a much more efficient workflow now for us. 

What impact does Memberstack have on your users/customers/audience etc?

Most of our clients are wedding photographers. We do service other types of photography, but our main focus is wedding photography and portrait photographers. Essentially, we are a business to business service. We consider ourselves an extension of their editing studio. 

What was the biggest problem you were trying to solve with Memberstack? 

Our website is built on Squarespace. Within Squarespace there weren't many customizable options as far as creating accounts. Squarespace's account system is very product driven, and you really can't customize it much more than whatever products you have on there.

So with Memberstack it was just a really easy way to integrate with Squarespace and provide logins with that restricted access that we needed for certain content to the clients. I really liked the fact that I can restrict sections of the website.

Each customer has their own specific homepage when they log in, which is really important because every client has different information that we want to show them.

Without Memberstack, how would you have addressed this problem? 

We were using some subscription based plugins, but it was still a very manual setup for us using some WordPress forms and Stripe. There were just too many moving parts to really manage efficiently.

What was the biggest problem you were trying to solve with Memberstack? 

Previous to using Memberstack, our customers had to go to our website and then to a separate website to log in, and there were extra steps involved. I think most of our clients are now unaware we use Memberstack. We launched with a site redesign, so to them, it just looks like we redesigned the website. I have had a couple of comments just on the ease of use.

Have you tried other membership tools? If so, why did you end up going with us? 

I did a lot of comparison with others. The pricing tiers really worked for me. Also the fact that Squarespace was so easy to integrate was a big, big thing for me. I think the free trial helped a lot - that was super important to me because I can pretty much tell within the first five or 10 minutes if something's going to work or not. I'm very specific with what I'm looking for.

Were there any obstacles or hesitations that would have prevented you from using Memberstack?

I don't really think so. My only concern was just really the integration with Squarespace, and you guys were amazing and really addressed that pretty quickly.