The Best Webflow Profile Form Cloneables

Shuib Abdullah
July 18, 2023
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Trying to make a Profile Form in Webflow? Here's a list of the best free Webflow Profile Forms that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Webflow Profile Form Cloneables

Profile forms are an integral part of any website, app or web-app since they have become an integral part of our digital lives. From social media platforms and online marketplaces to professional network sites, a well-designed and practical profile form elevates the user experience.

We’ve searched and scoured the web to find the best, free, Webflow profile cloneables for you to use, without writing a single line of code. If you are a Webflow developer or designer, feel free to use these cloneables to get your next project started.

3-Step Onboarding Flow

The first cloneable is a 3-step onboarding flow made by Memberstack. It comes functional out-of-the-box, complete with password field validation, so you can clone it as it is, or change things around and use it in your own project.

What in this Template

The process begins with members configuring their authentication method, such as email, passwordless, or social login. Authentication is only required at this stage. Following that, members proceed to input information related to a specific category, in this case, their company. Once that information is provided, they move on to the next screen, which focuses on another category of information, specifically about themselves.

This enhanced profile form implementation also includes features like profile picture uploads, Google Authentication integration, and a progress bar to guide users through the process.

What is this template for?

  • Those who need a multiple-step form for onboarding customers/clients
  • Those who need a minimal design which is easy to customize
Pros Cons
✅ Modern, clean design which is easy to customize
✅ Includes Google auth integration

Webflow Profile Modal

This next cloneable is a profile modal also made by Memberstack. Similar to the first cloneable, it has multiple screens, but this time in Webflow tabs. For instance, if you’re a course creator, you can use Memberstack as a backend so your members to manage their profile details, email settings, password changes & update billing information. It also has a clean, minimal design so you can easily customize it for your project. from

What is this template for?

  • Those who have a gated community, like an online school or mentoring platform
Pros Cons
✅ Clean design, which is easy to customize ❌ Non-functional until the backend is added
✅ Utilises webflow tabs, making it user-friendly

User sign-up form, by Formly 

The guys at Formly have been busy making various, multi-step form cloneables without the use of sliders, tabs or complex animations. They have a free and paid tier which allows Webflow developers to focus on creating, beautiful, user-friendly and brand-focused forms, instead of worrying about the code.

The setup process is as easy as adding a script to your page, like any other Webflow integration. From there, add attributes to each step, where every div block with its attribute will be taken as a step on the multi-step form.

The cloneable below is an example of how you can create a workspace profile form for your company. This particular design could be used for a SaaS website for example, where you could potentially collect various bits of information from a customer for marketing purposes like “Where did you hear of us”.

What’s this template for?

  • For those who are building a platform with more than a few form fields, like a SaaS
Pros Cons
✅ Includes form validation, and the design isn’t too opinionated ❌ The tabs aren’t highlighted as you scroll down, not great UX

Chat Style Form by Formly

The next profile form cloneable is a very unique design which cleverly imitates an iMessage chat room. It consists of a few form fields, with a pictured chat interface as you scroll down to the next question.

This particular profile form uses GSAP (a JavaScript animation toolkit), some CSS styling and Finsweets Range Slider to achieve this functionality but you can just clone and use it in your own project. It also utilises a Formly Pro feature called Access Input Data which retrieves and displays user input data anywhere on the current page by just using attributes.

What is this template for

  • Those who want to build a fun and unique profile form
Pros Cons
✅ A unique and relatable design ❌ Includes a lot of custom code, which might be confusing for non-technical Webflow developers

Webflow Profile form with edit buttons

This next cloneable showcases a profile form where there is a modal pop-up for when a user wants to edit their account details. For instance, if you want a user wants to edit their personal details like email or password, this cloneable includes a model for each button to do just that. This form relies on using Memberstack as a backend, so be sure to read up on the documentation to handle the backend here.

The modal works by using Webflow’s interactions with some custom CSS, watch the full tutorial here.

There are also buttons for the user to sign-up using Google, Facebook or Linkedin. Enabling social authentication is vital in today's digital landscape. It offers convenience, saving users time by bypassing lengthy registration forms. Trust and security are enhanced as social media platforms' robust authentication systems are leveraged. Familiar login options increase user trust and mitigate privacy concerns, check out these articles on how to setup Google and Facebook login for your next Webflow & Memberstack project.

Pros Cons
✅Very versatile dashboard design ❌Having a modal pop-up for every edit could be too many steps

In conclusion, well-designed profile forms are crucial for enhancing the user experience of websites, and web-apps. Our curated collection of free Webflow profile form cloneables provides Webflow developers and designers with a head start, saving time and ensuring visually appealing and user-friendly profile forms.

By prioritizing seamless data collection and intuitive functionalities, these forms become gateways for user expression, information sharing, and connections, ultimately leading to increased conversions and user retention. Leverage these cloneables to create captivating profile forms that deliver exceptional user experiences. Happy designing!