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Trying to make a multi-step form on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free Webflow multi-step forms that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Best Webflow Multi-step Form Cloneables

While multi-step forms are not native to Webflow, they are more or less the standard when it comes to contemporary website user interface design. 

Amazingly, they are not that difficult to build with Webflow using either tabs or sliders. Here’s a list of easy to reuse cloneables that will make your next form look extra modern!

Interactive Multi-step Form Cloneable by Flowbase

Multi Step forms are all about that great user experience and holding your user by the hand every step of the way. Flowbase really encapsulates all that with a single, 6 step form cloneable that every Webflow designer should know about.

It has really clean interactions, custom success page and other features that every form like this needs. Think custom radio buttons and lottie animations. This is a great starting place if your Webflow project calls for a multi step form!

What is in this multi-step form?

6 step form with custom success page and other modern features you would expect from a high tier website interaction.

What is this multi-step form best for?

  • Any high end website build
Pros Cons
✅ Step counter ❌ Ending is cool, but you might need a custom JS delay code or at least a CTA to leave the success page
✅ Custom interactions for confirmation
✅ Custom checkboxes
✅ Very cool design

Bottom line:

😎 Use this multi-step form if you need a very well designed section that will match any big project. This form cloneable is a great start for any custom user experience you might need.

Custom Code Branching Multi-step Form Cloneable by

Ever wondered if it’s possible for the form to adapt based on your previous inputs? Here’s an example of body code that will make this dream a reality.

If you would like to analyse how a form like this can be built using Webflow, this is the perfect cloneable. No magic in design or interactions side, just pure code example of branching multi step form.

What is in this multi-step form?

Branching multi step form that changes slides based on previous inputs by the user.

What is this multi-step form best for?

  • Figuring out how to make a form on Webflow that adapts to previous answers and branches out based on input
Pros Cons
✅ Amazing solution ❌ Not beginner friendly
✅ Advanced type of multi step forms in Webflow ❌ Poor design

Bottom line:

😎 Use this multi-step form if you don’t know where to start when building a custom multi-step form that branches to different questions based on your previous answers.

Conditional Logic Code Generator for Multi-step Forms by SketchzLab

If you would like to add some logic to your forms and make them as unique as they get, you need to start here. Seriously, this is a form code generator that will take your forms to the next level

We are not talking about simple multi-step forms. We are talking about full control of any logic behind the form you make. This means you will have complete control and ultimate flexibility to whatever type of form you are making. Such a valuable cloneable and tool!

What is in this multi-step form?

Multi Step form example that has been made with a code generation tool that has been specifically designed to make custom forms. Think logic and steps.

What is this multi-step form best for?

  • Any type of multi form that requires some custom logic
Pros Cons
✅ Powerful tool ❌ More advanced form logic project will be created separately from this one by F’inSweet
✅ Full design control

Bottom line:

😎 Use this multi-step form if you are looking for a way to create some powerful forms that have a very unique user experience. Custom user flow for any type of multi-step form starts with this tool!

Asset Upload Multi-step Form Cloneable by Orange Cattle

While this multi-step form has similar features to a few other forms on this list, we would recommend starting with this cloneable if your multi-step form includes file uploads.

Simplistic design behind this cloneable makes it easy to adapt it to most projects in a matter of minutes. Sometimes simple is the way to go and this is one of those cases!

What is in this multi-step form?

4 step form with step counter and upload functionality.

What is this multi-step form best for?

  • Multi-step upload form sections
Pros Cons
✅ Easy to adapt ❌ Will need design tweaking but should happen fast as the setup of this form is quite simple
✅ Amazing mobile solution
✅ Has file upload fields ready to be used

Bottom line:

😎 Use this multi-step form if you have a Webflow website build that requires file upload functionality which has to be on a separate form step. Oh, last thing - it already has memberstack code built in! 

Tabs Multi-step Form Cloneable with Tutorial by Edgar Allan

Those who use cloneables a lot know that most cloneables don’t have enough information about how they were built and how to use them. Not this one!

Expect a detailed multi-step guide on how to build your own multi-step form…full meta? Yes!

This Cloneable has 2 main pages - the guide and the form itself. If you don’t just want to clone, paste and use the form, but want to actually learn it, this cloneable is a must for you!

What is in this multi-step form?

Tutorial on how to build your own multi-step form with custom code and tabs functionality.

What is this multi-step form best for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn about multi-step forms and build their own
Pros Cons
✅ Detailed explanations ❌ Not the cookie cutter solution, but you can make your own
✅ Ability to edit your own code ❌ Works only with tabs
✅ Easy to make your own form

Bottom line:

😎 Use this multi-step form to learn about and make your own multi-step form from scratch. Detailed instructions make it easy to make more custom builds a reality!

Animated Multi-step Form Cloneable by Elena Laenko

If you seek a form that can be used immediately, we think this might be the one. This multistep Webflow form has it all: great interactions, full functionality and even clean adaptable design.

So using this form on your next Webflow project can be as easy as copy-paste. This form utilises slides to deliver a great user experience that your clients will love. No more bloated forms, use slides to make the form submission experience smoother!

What is in this multi-step form?

Masked slider component that makes it easy to create multi-step Webflow forms a reality.

What is this multi-step form best for?

  • Any project that needs
Pros Cons
✅ Design will fit almost any project ❌ First two slides can’t have mandatory fields (small technical hurdle) for the form to work every time
✅ Very good mobile version
✅ Custom radio buttons
✅ Has everything you need in one place

Bottom line:

😎 Use this multi-step form if… well, if you need a multi-step form and don’t know how to build one. This has everything you need to just clone, copy, paste, edit styles and publish.

Have a multi-step form cloneable that could be showcased on this list?

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