Memberstack for Developers

User Authentication infrastructure with built-in payments.

A versatile, easy-to-use and scalable JavaScript library for web applications and online businesses. Use quick plug-and-play modals or customize your own.

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What top developers say about Memberstack

Nigel Shaw, Developer

As a software developer of 25 years I've seen a lot of apps and SAAS products and Memberstack is one of the best I've ever seen. The ease of use of the site is unreal. Amazing job putting it all together and providing an indispensable tool. Thanks for a real life-saver solution!!!!! Super satisfied user.

Joe Krug, Agency Founder

The Memberstack team and product is A+++. It's what the web development community needs!

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Ready-to-use modals

Save time from having to build the same user authentication system every time.

• User sign-up, login and checkout modals
• Compliant, secure and scalable
• Password resets, profile management, and more...

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APIs and webhooks

A secure, encrypted and scalable user authentication database for your web application — with built-in payment integrations.

• Plug-and-play modals
• GDPR Compliant
• Backend API and more...

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