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Capture valuable leads with gated content and memberships.

Offer free access to digital content, sell a digital service, or build loyal membership communities. Control your funnel and customize each step of the experience.

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What top marketers say about Memberstack

Austin Distel, Chief Marketing Officer

"Memberstack was an obvious choice for Proof because it fit neatly in our tech stack. The biggest benefit that we've received [from Memberstack] is creating an on-brand freemium membership that we use for lead generation."

Nicolas Kneler, Operations

"Memberstack helps us sign up over 10K new applicants every month, with zero problems and a stellar support crew. Couldn't be happier with our choice 🙂"

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Gate valuable content

Offer access to valuable digital content, products, services, downloads, and data by letting website visitors sign-up for an account.

• Launch a SaaS product, community, premium blog, paid service, and more.
• Easily turn-on payments as you build an audience
• Bring your business online

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Automate as you scale

Build all the marketing automations you want —connect to Hubspot, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Salesforce and thousands of more applications.

• Zapier Integration for 2,000+ applications
• Integromat Integration for 24x7 automations
• Webhooks and Frontend API

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