Cloneable Webflow Tabs Templates

Aiva (Search Historian)
August 10, 2022
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Trying to make tabs on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free Webflow tab cloneables that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Best Webflow Tabs Cloneables

Because Webflow has a native tabs component that allows you to create tab sections (or even pages) really fast, there are so many different tab cloneables to choose from. Community really ran with it!

Especially because tabs components on websites can be executed very creatively or very poorly.

Classic Tabs Section Cloneable by Christine Johannessen

If we say “tabs section” and make you picture what it is inside your head, you will most likely imagine exactly what this cloneable is all about. There is a reason why the author even called this a “simple tabs section”. 

And it has everything you might need to showcase a few different items in a single section. It uses native Webflow tabs component, so it can be a quick clone that you can reuse right away or even a great cloneable if you want to make a bit of a custom tabs component in your next Webflow project.

8-05-2022 (10-13-08).gif

What is in this tab cloneable?

Classic feature or USP showcase tab section that can be reused on almost any type of Webflow website project.

What is this tab cloneable best for?

  • Your first ever tabs section on Webflow
  • Any website build that needs this type of section
Pros Cons
✅ Simple to reuse ❌ Is not using a CMS, but you can easily add it - just make sure to limit item counts and set proper rules for it
✅ Native Webflow tabs component
✅ Nicely executed, even on mobile

Bottom line:

😎 Use this tab cloneable if you need a USP or feature section on your website that has more content in one section than any other sections out there. Your SEO will love you for using this cloneable, for sure!

Whole Page CMS Showcase Tabs Cloneable by Bradley Stallcup

Author called this a “slick underline tabs” cloneable and it actually reflects what this great cloneable has in store for us. If you need the best whole page user experience when it comes to showcasing your CMS items in different tabs, this is the cloneable to go with.

Decently solved on mobile you also get some great interactions and hover animations as an added bonus. Like with every slick design and great UI/UX, there’s of course a downside. This cloneable is not good for SEO and you are better off starting from scratch if you will need to optimise a page like that.

What is in this tab cloneable?

Multi-tab CMS collection showcase that gives you full control over the showcased items. There’s also a lot of very greatly executed interactions and hover animations that can be repurposed amazingly

What is this tab cloneable best for?

  • Only whole page CMS collection that needs to be split into two or more tabs (might not be the best solution if it’s more than 4-6 tabs you need)
  • Portfolio websites and similar type projects with content that has to be user friendly, but not necessarily search engine friendly
Pros Cons
✅ Has a “copy me” section so you don’t have to unlink CMS ❌ Might want to make tabs sticky for mobile
✅ 2 tabs, but design allows for more easily ❌ If need more than 2 tabs, will need to edit mobile view a lot
✅ Decent solution on mobile (given it’s 2 tabs only) ❌ Card design limits wordcount and there are no paragraphs in them, so it’s not a good solution if your page has to have good SEO
✅ Uses native Webflow tab component
✅ Uses CMS items to be showcased (each tab has a separate collection list wrapper)
✅ Actually sick interaction cards with great animation and UX

Bottom line:

😎 Use this tab cloneable if you need a great and powerful CMS showcase page for features, projects or similar items. Consider this to be a whole page solution that allows to inherit categories without having to visit additional pages.

YouTube Video Tabs Cloneable by Joshua Fry

There are good cloneables and then there are great cloneables. This video tabs cloneable is one of the latter. If you don’t know this cloneable exists, you will most likely not solve any video website problems this way.

After you learn that this is possible and so simple to reuse on Webflow, you might start using this section on more than just video sections, there are so many ways this can be handy, especially if you are willing to redesign it a bit for each case.

What is in this tab cloneable?

One of the best and simplest ways to to showcase multiple YouTube videos in the same section.

What is this tab cloneable best for?

  • Video course websites or similar websites that need to showcase multiple videos in the same section
Pros Cons
✅ Uses native Webflow tabs component so it’s very easy to completely redesign it by keeping tab functionality the same ❌ Custom code makes the video stop when you click on a tab, we know this doesn’t sound like a con but it can be if you have a very specific idea and will want to customise it even further, it might be
✅ Works like a charm
✅ Custom code stops video you are watching if you click on another tab (otherwise you would be watching multiple videos at the same time)
✅ Perfect cloneable for any type of Webflower - beginner, intermediate or advanced users will be able to do great things with this cloneable

Bottom line:

😎 Use this video tab cloneable if you need… well a video tab cloneable. We will repeat ourselves, this is the best solution you can hope for if you need to show multiple videos in the same section.

Sticky Tabs Cloneable by James Sushch

With sticky card scrolling animation becoming more and more popular in the web design world, this is a great cloneable to make your first ever sticky cards section. Best part about this sticky tab approach is that it looks amazing on mobile devices.

This is a custom build that doesn’t utilise the Webflow tabs component, so it’s a great place to start if you have a specific sticky stacking cards design in mind. Especially if you are seeking for a truly immersive mobile experience for your users.

What is in this tab cloneable?

Two sections for different sticky cards scrolling animation that works great both on desktop and mobile devices.

What is this tab cloneable best for?

  • Features or process section of any website
Pros Cons
✅ Very well put responsive design ❌ Not using actual tabs component
✅ Popular way of showcasing features
✅ Custom build that is easy to edit and change

Bottom line:

😎 Use this tab cloneable if you want that stacking cards effect on mobile that translates to sticky cards feature on desktop. Perfect cloneable if you have never built something like this as you will be able to control this cloneable completely.

Auto-Rotating Tabs Cloneable by Dhruv Sachdev

Ever wondered how automatic tab rotation worked? This cloneable will allow you to learn more about it and use automatic tab rotation in your next Webflow project.

There are two script code files inside it, so if you are an experienced Webflow developer it should not be an issue to reuse this code in any other tab component on any project. 

What is in this tab cloneable?

Tabs section that automatically switch between tabs without needing any user interaction

What is this tab cloneable best for?

  • Automatic tab rotation functionality on any Webflow tabs component
Pros Cons
✅ Custom code ❌ Not for beginners
✅ Works well with Webflow interactions
✅ Can be reused in any other Webflow tabs component

Bottom line:

😎 Use this tab cloneable if you are looking for a way for your tabs to be switching automatically.

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