Best Webflow Background Video Cloneables


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Aiva (Search Historian)

Trying to make a background video section on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free webflow cloneables with background videos that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Background videos on websites can split the community in half - you either love it or you think it’s too much and hate it. Nevertheless, background videos can make some Webflow projects shine and give that energy that not many other design elements have.

Full-screen iframe Background Video Cloneable by Stevie Griffin

Want to use iframe to embed a fullscreen video?

If you're looking for simple and need a fullscreen background video cloneable to see how it’s done when video is hosted outside of Webflow - this cloneable is definitely the one you need!

Just this simple line of code and a link to your video. You will be able to build your own video backgrounds on any Webflow project.

What is in this background video cloneable?

Simple iframe video custom code (one line actually) that makes it easy to embed any video link as a fullscreen background video on any Webflow website.

What is this background video best for?

  • Your first ever iframe video embed on Webflow
Pros Cons
✅ Easy to understand ❌ If your video is taken down from your hosting, your website will not show it as it’s hosted not on Webflow
✅ Can be used in different website scenarios
✅ Single line of iframe code that is easy to edit if you need to

Bottom line:

😎 Use this background video if you have to use background videos that are not hosted on Webflow.

Scrollable Background Video Reveal Cloneable by Raymmar

How about using some interactions with your background video? 

This cloneable has done exactly that. While these scrolling interactions are quite simple, they can be a great first step on your journey to that insane video background website.

What is in this background video?

This cloneable has a hero video section that gets bigger as you scroll down and eventually disappears by gradually lowering the background video opacity.

What is this background video best for?

  • Video hero section if you have never built one before
Pros Cons
✅ Great example of how to use background video element and Webflow interactions ❌ Not really needed for really experienced Webflow designers, as this cloneable is quite simple
✅ Easy to use and analyse
✅ Mimics that classic video hero approach that some clients so desperately need to have

Bottom line:

😎 Use this background video interaction cloneable if you have an idea for hero page background video section and don’t want to start from scratch.

Background Text or Image Video Mask Cloneable by Tony Seets

Looking for a masking effect for your text? Want that mask to be video? This cloneable has all that and more to offer! To make this magic happen you have to use screen blending mode. 

Everything else you need to know can be found inside the cloneable itself. Oh and it shows the same effect not only on text, but on a transparent image as well! So this can be easily used on almost any Webflow project that needs background video masking.

What is in this background video?

This cloneable has a background video masking layer that uses a screen blending mode so that background video only affects text fill itself.

What is this background video best for?

  • Learning basics of Webflow effects panel
  • Making a fast background video text mask
  • Making a fast background video to image mask
Pros Cons
✅ Clear explanation of how video masking with Webflow blending effects work ❌ None. Has everything you need to bring your own background video masking ideo to life with Webflow.
✅ Text video mask example included
✅ Transparent .png image example mask included

Bottom line:

😎 Use this background video cloneable if you need an example of how video masking works when using Webflow effects panel and different blending modes. Whether it’s text or transparent image, it will work every time.

Interactive Mouse Movement Background Video Cloneable by Jakob Wrs

This is a very custom and advanced video background cloneable that uses Three.js and Vanta.js to make this crazy halo effect that follows your mouse movement.

Using this is as simple as copying a few lines of code, adding it before </body> tag and typing in your element class inside el: "#your-element-selector" line. That’s all there is to it! 

Vanta.js made it as no-code, custom code tool as it gets.

This cloneable takes video background to the next level. Because it’s not actually a video, now is it? It’s a smart animation on Webflow? Something like that! Best part? Because this effect comes from Vanta.js library of effects, you can select different effects and control colours, intensity or most other parameters before you extract the custom code you will be using.

What is in this background video?

Custom code interactive mouse movement animation built with Javascript library - check Vanta.js for more info. Check this cloneable if you are seeking a truly advanced way to work with background videos and animations. 

What is this interactive background video/animation best for?

  • Developers that are looking for a way to work with Three.js and Webflow
  • Developers that seek inspiration when it comes to custom code websites
  • Webflow designers that are always afraid of “custom code” - this might be the perfect library to get yourself familiar with what you can do with code (even if you don’t know code)
Pros Cons
✅ Beautiful and mesmerising to look at (with a dash of trippy) ❌ Even though using this is as simple as copying a few lines of code, adding it before tag and typing in your element class… Some animations are quite limiting in what you can do with them and will not match any project.
✅ Uses Vanta.js which is a great library of different animated website backgrounds that can be used with a few lines of code

Bottom line:

😎 Use this background animation Javascript library if you are looking for a way to wow your clients or website visitors. Custom code backgrounds even if you have no idea how to code!

CMS Video Link to Background Video Cloneable by Emil Villumsen

This is a very specific type of background video cloneable, but if you are facing this particular problem in your Webflow project - there’s nothing better than this cloneable!

Even wondered how to turn any CMS plain text field with a link to a functional background video? This cloneable shows you exactly how you do it!

Being able to turn any field in CMS to an active background video, opens so many possibilities when it comes to any showcase of CMS collection items or any CMS Page Template. 

What is in this background video?

Custom code HTML Embed that allows you to turn any CMS field video link into an active background video for any element in your project. 

What is this background video best for?

  • Webflow projects that need the ability to use videos from within the input fields inside CMS
Pros Cons
✅ Supports MP4 and WebM ❌ Script in tag makes this magic work, this means if you use this for your clients builds be careful and make sure that this build can’t break down sometime down the road
✅ Works with videos hosted on Webflow or outside Webflow (any video hosting platform)
✅ Quite simple, yet extremely powerful cloneable that opens so much possibilities

Bottom line:

😎 Use this background video cloneable if you had an idea for “CMS field to Background Video”. Doesn’t matter what idea you have, you should start here and improve your build as you go.

Have a background video cloneable that could be showcased on this list?

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