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Aiva (Search Historian)

Trying to make a navigation bar on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free webflow navbars that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Anyone who’s ever tried to design a website knows the classic navigation bar struggle. Getting navigation working on desktop and mobile, making it match, putting the features and links together. Especially a website with lots of pages, the navbar can become a big project! 

That’s why we came up with this webflow navbar cloneable list - to help you find the best features and navigation bars so your next Webflow build becomes a little easier. 

Index Progress Navbar Cloneable by Patrick Urwyler

This is not your typical navigation bar. This is an index progress bar that shows users how far in the webpage (or document?) they are in. 

In other words, this navbar is perfect for one-page websites that don’t need an actual navbar but having a simple menu that lists sections on that page would be awesome. Oh, it also comes with a nice hamburger contact menu, so this is definitely something that will make your one page project shine!

What is in this navbar?

This header navigation bar is a sticky bar design that works as a table of contents for the page you are in. Simple? Yes! Works like a charm? You bet it! 

What is this navbar best for?

Pros Cons
✅ Slick and simple design ❌ Might need some tweaking if you change section numbers to words (especially on mobile)
✅ Hamburger contact menu
✅ Works wonders on mobile view
✅ Works as sticky table of contents cloneable

Bottom line:

😎 Use this navbar if you have a one page landing page project and want it to look extremely clean and professional.

Webflow Navigation Bar Copy Cloneable by Francesco Castronuovo

This navbar has everything you need for a big website navigation bar. Two insanely complicated dropdown menus, with multiple format link items. And yes, it looks exactly like the navbar on Webflow homepage. 

Really get this one as a cloneable navbar basis if you are working with a bigger website or with anyone in the SaaS industry. 

What is in this navbar?

2 different set ups for complex dropdowns, and 2 simple links with interactions and 2 cta buttons. Dropdowns have multiple sections and different link showcasing ways,even though both of them rely on link blocks. Awesome and complex navbar that will fit any bigger website.

What is this navbar best for?

  • SaaS websites
  • Bigger websites (100+ pages)
  • Web projects that have a lot off different content hubs or topics
Pros Cons
✅ Clean design ❌ Don’t get this if you are dealing with less than 20 pages on your website
✅ Lots of space for creativity within dropdowns
✅ Meta! Meaning you will have Webflow navbar built with Webflow itself

Bottom line:

😎 Use this navbar if you are working on a bigger project that is well planned out. If you have the sitemap structure very well mapped out, starting with this navbar can be a breeze - as long as you have enough content to put in it!

Mobile Focused Navbar Cloneable by Dan Apro

Sometimes you just need a very simple navbar and want to make sure it works well on mobile. If that’s the case, this is the navigation bar cloneable you were looking for. 

Slick and simple interaction, smooth design and most importantly - mobile first. It will look decent on any device, but this navbar is intentionally built for mobile. Really simple and awesome cloneable to have, especially for smaller sites that don’t need dropdowns in their navigation bar. 

What is in this navbar?

One of the simplest and best looking mobile friendly designs on this list. It’s hard to add more here, it just works so well and you can’t want more from a good small site navbar.

This one also has some custom code and jQuery running in the body to make it smooth, so be sure to check the whole tutorial about it.

What is this navbar best for?

  • Small to medium size websites
  • Websites with high phone usability priority
  • Sites that don’t need dropdown menus in their navbar
Pros Cons
✅ Simple set up ❌ Will need loads of tweaking if your website is bigger than 20+ pages and you need to link them all
✅ Great Webflow interactions ❌ No CTA in this navigation bar
✅ Ultra high responsiveness
✅ Custom jQuerry code

Bottom line:

😎 Use this navbar for a small to medium size website that doesn't want fancy navigation and doesn't need a CTA button in their navigation bar.

Show Search Navigation Bar Cloneable by Charity De La Cruz

While this navigation bar will need some work to match your project, it has one feature that made it land on this list. The search bar. It’s spectacular!

We have all been there, if you need to add a search bar in the navigation bar, this whole design thing becomes a nightmare. This search bar accordion feature solves it once and for all.

What is in this navbar?

Simple search icon accordion interaction that opens a search bar if you press on it. 

What is this navbar best for?

  • Any type of project that requires search bar in the navigation
Pros Cons
✅ Very smart way of solving search bars once and for all ❌ Find another navbar cloneable to pair this with if you need to clone a whole navbar element as this navigation bar has only one feature
✅ Perfect feature to store in your Webflow “tricks library”

Bottom line:

😎 Use this navbar if you are failing to find a way to incorporate search in the navbar. Seriously, out of all ways, this simple accordion seems like the best one!

2 Rows Navbar Cloneable by  Aviv Shwartz

This navigation bar will fit any small project out of the box. It has two lines of items, meaning it’s perfect for smaller sites that don’t want dropdowns in their navigation bar. 

Out of the box, this navbar comes with a set of social icon links up top, and page navigation below. On the left you have the brand name and logo, so it might feel a bit unusual in its build, but the style choices made here are slick and it looks cool!

What is in this navbar?

This navbar is showcased on a dimmed video background which makes it pop real hard. Bottom panel is sticky and will change colour as you scroll. The mobile view will need some polishing though.

What is this navbar best for?

  • Small websites with a few pages
  • Sites that need all their social media links in the navbar
  • Websites that don’t want dropdowns in their navigation
Pros Cons
✅ Clean and works well on video backgrounds ❌ Mobile view will need a lot of work, pick this up if you are ready to fix it
✅ Interesting 2 row setup

Bottom line:

😎 Use this navbar if you have a small project you are working on and would like to add some flair to it. Will fit perfectly a portfolio or small business site. Especially if you are going for a video background hero section.

Simple CTA Navigation Bar Cloneable by The Quo Repo Project

What we liked about this navbar is that there’s not much to say about it. Which makes it feel that this was exactly what you want from a good navbar design.

This navbar is nothing more and nothing less that you need from a fully functional navigation bar. It works perfectly on mobile, so it can be a great starting point for any website you might be working on, especially if you need a CTA in the navbar.

What is in this navbar?

3 links, 3 social media icons and a CTA. And they all tie together to a nice mobile view. Simple, elegant and functional.

What is this navbar best for?

  • Any small to medium website with very simple navigation needs
Pros Cons
✅ CTA in navigation bar ❌ Will not fit larger websites
✅ Social icons in navigation bar
✅ Mobile view is simple and elegant

Bottom line:

😎 Use this navbar if you have a small to medium project that needs to have CTA and social links in the navigation bar.

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