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Allowed Domain List

Allowed Domain List

Allowed Domain List

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Primary Benefits

Control Every Step

You specify the domains you want your Memberstack instance to function on.

How to Specify Different Domains

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Every new Memberstack project is in Test Mode by default. Once you're ready to go live, you will need to specify which domains should be used for testing and which are in production (a.k.a used by real members). You can configure your domains on the Settings Page.

If you want to remove the "Test Mode" badge please watch or read the rest of the article.


If you're using our React API or another front-end framework, you'll want to swap your Live Mode and Test Mode API keys to toggle between staging and production environments.

How to Launch your Project (1 min video)

When you "go live" your plans, gated content, permissions, custom fields, metadata fields, etc. all carry over.

You only thing you may need to update/change is your API keys. You’ll want to make sure you’re using your live-mode keys in your live project. You can continue using the test mode keys for testing.

Possibles errors:

This domain is already connected to an app.

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