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Block Disposable Emails

Prevent Disposable Email Address Signups

Reduce spam and increase security by preventing disposable email address signups.

Block Disposable Emails

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Primary Benefits

Reduce spam

You can reduce the amount of spam signups on your website .

Improved data quality

Ensure that the email addresses provided by users are genuine and of higher quality.

Increased security

You can increase the security of your website or platform by ensuring that users are using their legitimate email addresses.

How to Prevent Disposable Email Address Signups

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By default, Memberstack will prevent sign-ups from thousands and thousands of "throw-away" email addresses.

Here's the project Readme and here's the full list.

To disable this feature, click the toggle under application settings.

Click the prevent disposable emails toggle under applications settings

For example...

 "0-180.com",  "0-30-24.com",  "0-420.com",  "0-900.com",  "0-aa.com",  "0-mail.com",  "0-z.xyz",  "00.pe",  "000000pay.com",  "00043015.com",  "000476.com",  "000521.xyz",  "00082aa.com",  "00082cc.com",  "00082dd.com",  "00082ff.com",  "00082ii.com",  "00082mm.com",  "00082rr.com",  "00082ss.com",  "00082uu.com",  "00082xx.com",

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