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Cross-Domain Login

Cross Domain Logins

Create a Unified Experience Across Domains

When you have multiple domains, it can be frustrating for users to log in multiple times as they navigate between them. You need a seamless and unified login experience across all your domains to keep your members engaged.

Cross-Domain Login

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Primary Benefits

With our new Cross-domain Login feature, you can create a smooth and connected experience for your members. By enabling this feature, your members can log in once and then move freely between your different domains that have Memberstack installed, without having to log in again. This not only provides a unified and frictionless experience but also boosts member satisfaction and engagement. Imagine the increase in sales and member retention you could achieve by making it easier for your members to access all your platforms with a single login. Plus, with our straightforward setup process, you can easily enable this feature across your domains and enhance the member experience on your sites. As a result, you'll be able to drive more sales, improve member loyalty, and create a seamless experience across your entire online ecosystem.

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