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Email Verification

Email Verification

Require members to verify their email address during signup and/or prompt them to verify their email after signup.

Secure Your Webflow Membership Site with Memberstack

Are you looking for a way to verify your members' email addresses to enhance your Webflow membership site's security? With Memberstack's Email Verification feature, you can add an additional layer of security to your website by requiring users to verify their email address during or after signup.

Copy & Paste Webflow Components

To help you get started with Email Verification, we've created two cloneable Webflow projects to copy and paste basic email verification pages and verification prompts.

Enhance Security

By requiring email verification, you can ensure that only legitimate users access your site.

Reduce Spam

Email verification helps reduce the number of fake accounts created on your site.

Build Trust

Email verification adds an extra layer of trust to your site, assuring users that their personal information is secure.

How to Enable Email Verification in Webflow

With Memberstack, enabling email verification is easy. Here's how:

Step 1: Navigate to Email Settings in your Memberstack dashboard.

Step 2: Click the toggle at the bottom of the Email Settings page to prevent unverified members from accessing gated content.

Step 3: Create a "Please verify your email" page and enter the page URL into Memberstack. We will redirect all unverified members to this page when they signup or log in.

Step 4: We automatically send a verification message to the address they used to sign up. Still, they can re-send the verification email if they didn’t receive it by placing the following data attribute on the button: data-ms-action="resend-verification-email".

Step 5: Alternatively, if you prefer to prompt verification after signup, you can disable the toggle at the bottom of the Email Settings to allow members regular access to your site. You can then use data attributes to show and hide content from verified or unverified members.

Step 6: You can check if a member has been verified or not via the dashboard.

Step 7: Customize the "from" address by following the steps in this guide to braned emails from Memberstack.

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With Memberstack, you can launch your Webflow membership site in minutes, push the limits with our developer-friendly APIs, and maintain 100% design control inside Webflow. Our Email Verification feature is just one of the many ways Memberstack makes building and managing your Webflow membership site easy and secure. Our customers have built and launched over 2300 websites and web applications using Memberstack. Our platform is designed to meet the needs of Webflow developers concerned about cost, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and reliability. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals by providing the best user authentication and stripe integration for Webflow. Ready to add Email Verification to your Webflow membership site? Get started with Memberstack today!

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