5 Best Webflow Agency Cloneables

Robert Jett
October 27, 2022
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Your agency's website is often the first thing that potential clients will see. Here are some great agency cloneables we’ve found to get them to stick around… 

Best Webflow Agency Cloneables 

No two creative agencies are the same. The way you’ve built your business and brand can completely shift what you want your visitors to focus on. We’ve gathered five agency cloneables that provide a variety of different form factors. 


  • A colorful agency landing page. Good for agencies trying to win points for personality and fun. 
  • Our winner pick: An interactive real estate and landscaping agency template. Big video. Inverted color pointer. Potential clients will want to keep scrolling. 
  • A minimalist design that gets potential clients directly to the meat of the site. The site isn’t meant to be the star of the show, but clients will know exactly what they’re supposed to know. 
  • A product-focused template. Screenshots and stats. Great for any agency that wants clients to know exactly the kind of service they’ll be getting. 
  • An information-dense three-column agency page. It’s more of a dashboard than a website. Forget scrolling, with this template clients. will get what they want from the start. 

Sunnyside Agency by Jean-Phillipe Trinh 


The best landing page for any creative agency needs to express two things up front: who you are and what you do. This template from Jean-Phillipe Trinh offers a colorful and engaging way to do both of those things. 

Scroll-centric design can be an interesting way to engage visitors to your site. By making users scroll through your page, guided by arrows and illustrations, you invite them to participate in the journey of getting to know your brand. This can be an especially powerful tool for agencies in the design space. 

What is in this website template? 

  • A copy of the home page and a comprehensive style guide. 
  • All of the links in the header element do not point to anything.  

What is this website template best for? 

This website template is best for creative agencies looking for a colorful and engaging homepage for their agency. 

Pros Cons
✅Colorful, engaging design ❌Only has homepage in cloneable
✅Strong emphasis on interactivity

The Bottom Line

This is the perfect template for anyone wanting to focus on the visuals without overwhelming potential clients with text or information. Color is the star of the show. 

Artisect Agency by Odama Studio 


Sometimes a video can be worth a thousand pictures. This cloneable from Odama Studio definitely understands that, making a massive auto-playing video section the star of the show. When combined with a customized, color-reversing pointer, this cloneable gives users a fun way to engage with your website. 

Although this template is framed around an architectural agency, the potential use cases are extensive. The general framework of the cloneable places the large video at the top, sample projects and key information below that, recent blog posts below that, and then a call-to-action at the bottom. As far as landing pages go, this one is heavy on the information – meaning that users won’t need to travel far to find whatever they’re looking for. 

What is in this website template? 

  • Template for home page 
  • Two HTML embeds that contain the CSS for the video section and for the pointer. 

The code for the pointer is: 

It is nested inside of the body element. 

The code for the autoplay video is:

It is contained in an HTML embed element titled bg-vid-header nested inside the header element. 

What is this website template best for? 

  • Agencies with a focus on video content 
  • Clients trying to push visitors to a consultation
Pros Cons
✅ Great for displaying video content ❌ Can be slow to load (video content can be taxing)
✅ Inverted pointer is good for interactivity ❌ Requires moderate CSS knowledge

The Bottom Line

This is a great option for agencies that offer tangible services that look good on video. The large auto-play video at the top gets people to stop and think about what they’re going to be getting. 

Zen Agency by Nikita Stogniy

Link: https://showcased.webflow.io/projects/zen-agency

Sometimes saying less is more. This minimalist agency template from Nikita Stogniy is a clean and efficient way to introduce people to your agency. With a custom pointer that transforms as you move through the sections of the site, minimalist does not mean boring in this cloneable. By using animations along with this, the site comes alive as you scroll. 

This cloneable seems particularly well suited for agencies that want to make their sample projects the start of the show. By taking attention away from the agency itself, this cloneable lets the visuals and stories around its projects shine. The use of animations/custom pointers visually links these different sections. By the time you get to the bottom of the page, the style of the company and its projects feels especially clear. 

What is in this website template? 

  • The homepage and secondary pages that are linked to from there.
  • A “Custom Cursor” symbol that uses a combination of an HTML embed and native animations.

What is this website template best for? 

  • Agencies that want to showcase case studies or previous projects
  • Agencies without a strong visual brand identity 
Pros Cons
✅Focus is on content ❌Doesn’t work well for highly-visual brands
✅Complete project in cloneable

The Bottom Line 

This template is the best option for agencies that don’t really need the brand to be the star of the show. You offer a specific service and you want people to get straight to the prior work. 

Digital Marketing Agency Template by Figmatic

Link: https://showcased.webflow.io/projects/ig-marketing-project-8d0d6e

Forget trying to get style points: sometimes people just want to see the product. This digital marketing agency template from Figamtic lets you do just that. Perfect for agencies that sell more numerical, quantifiable products, this cloneable gets your product out there from the start. With a call-to-action planted squarely in the header, this page is really about getting new users signed up. 

This site doesn’t sacrifice design for functionality though. Using floating images that give examples of what the product might look like, visitors leave with a clear understanding of what they’ll be getting. Scrolling down also gives you room to include testimonials, explanations, and key metrics. They also include a newsletter signup at the bottom. 

What is in this website template? 

  • The homepage and a style guide.
  •  A HTML embed in the page-wrapper element with CSS style snippets. It does a good job of breaking down what each code snippet does.
  • Note: the sample image seems to overlap with the “trusted clients section”, meaning that you’ll need to redesign when including your own images. 

What is this website template best for?

  • Product-oriented agencies that want to get features and UI in front of customers from the start. 
  • Agencies looking primarily to drive conversions
Pros Cons
✅CTA at the top of the page ❌Template needs small redesign
✅Strong product focus ❌Cloneable only has homepage

The Bottom Line

This is the template for agencies that really focus on product. You’ll have the space you need to show the kinds of things clients should expect to be seeing, and to really drive home the numbers you have to back it up. 

Agency Portfolio Template by Tim Schoendorfer

Link: https://showcased.webflow.io/projects/agency-portfolio-template

The cool thing about agency pages is that they can take on so many forms and functions, depending on what you want your brand image to be. This cloneable from Tim Schoendorfer presents everything in three adjacent columns. Each column has a different purpose and appearance. In this templated version  of a non-descript “agency”, the page loads with navigation in the first column, a large visual in the center (the largest section), and content to the right. 

Providing a lot of information up front can be a great strategy for your agency. This presents almost like a dashboard. As you scroll, the two side columns do not move, with the center column offering information about the business, clients, and more content. If anything, this is just a sleek and functional design that keeps your most important links in view throughout your site. 

What is in this website template? 

  • A header column and the central and left column (contained in a single element). 
  • A blue lump (Footer-Lump) at the bottom of the page follows the x-coordinate of your mouse using native animation. Clicking it provides contact information about the agency.
  • There is also a robust selection of CMS Collections that can be used to populate the site (with respective collection pages).

What is this website template best for? 

  • Content-heavy writing, photography, or design agencies.
  • Clients that want to display a lot of information in a compact space. 
Pros Cons
✅CMS Collection + Pages included ❌Requires a lot of content upfront
✅High information density

The Bottom Line

This dashboard-like cloneable is great for agencies that do it all. You want to be a thought leader. You want to drive conversion. You want to showcase prior work. All of that can be done without even needing to scroll here.

Have a website template cloneable that could be showcased on this list?

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