Best Webflow 404 Error Page Templates

Aiva (Search Historian)
November 25, 2022
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Trying to make a 404 Error Page on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free webflow 404 Error Pages that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Best Webflow 404 Error Page Cloneables

While building a cool 404 do not found page design is not something most Webflow designers or developers think about, it can be an interesting place to show your brand and creativity. Here’s a list of our top picks for 404 pages!

We reviewed all the best 404 cloneables and selected a list of ideal pages you can clone, despite the design you are working on. From cheeky to simple, from minimalist to more crazy, expect to find all types of do not found pages in here!

Mouse is a Sticky Button Home 404 Error Page Cloneable by Dhruv Sachdev

While the design behind this cloneable will not fit most Webflow projects, at least without heavy customization… The main feature is genius and should be copied so hard, that we might even turn this type of 404 the new normal! Click anywhere and go to the homepage? Pure genius!

Nothing to add here, I can’t stress this enough. You must experience this 404 page. This is the best 404 user experience ever, a button that leads home and is always on your mouse click. How does one improve UX from here? Probably it’s as good as it gets!

What is in this 404 Error Page?

Button to the homepage that follows your mouse movement.

What is this 404 Error Page best for?

  • Good for cool 404 design that really takes the UX to the future
  • Learning some other Awwwards type of design practises
Pros Cons
✅ As functional as 404 page can get ❌ Not Client First and you might just need to copy the button element, leaving global page design behind
✅ Quite a simple and easy to implement idea

Bottom line:

😎 Use this 404 Error Page if you want to create the best ever 404 UX. Any client will be happy when they see this in action!

Matrix 404 Error Page Cloneable by Webflowtips

Want your users to feel like they are lost in the matrix when they visit a 404 page on your website? This cloneable will allow you to do exactly that. You know what will happen. Dropping letters in the background, whenever the user tries an url that doesn’t exist. Cool effect!

Best part? This cloneable also comes with loads of other widgets and 50 Webflow tips. It's a clone that every developer or even Webflow designer should have in their unpublished project panel!

What is in this 404 Error Page?

Matrix inspired 404 page that can be adapted to most website builds

What is this 404 Error Page best for?

  • Website builds that would love a matrix 404 page
  • Comes with a set 50+ other cool hacks, pages and cloneables
Pros Cons
✅ Very custom build, but comes with great documentation ❌ Not every client might want their website 404 to be… from Matrix?
✅ Can change font color and a few other specs in the custom code (even if you have never done it before - it’s very easy, just read cloneable description)

Bottom line:

😎 Use this 404 Error Page if you would love to add that extra digital Matrix feeling. It’s a good joke and most builds can work this joke well!

Video Background 404 Error Page Cloneable by Beyond Agency

While obviously, this 404 page will not fit most website designs by simply copying and pasting it - there are a few reasons why this cloneable made this list. First of all, it utilizes background video which makes it a unique approach when it comes to 404 that can be very on brand for certain website builds.

But be sure to click on the begin anywhere button when checking it out. You will find more than 7 other unique 404 designs. If you are in full control of your Webflow builds, it will be easy for you to adapt it to match your site design.

What is in this 404 Error Page?

Finding a simple, yet cool 404 page that will match your website brand very well.

What is this 404 Error Page best for?

  • Taking a look at how you can solve 404 page design in multiple ways
  • Looking for arcade inspired 404 inspiration
Pros Cons
✅ Multiple 404 designs in one cloneable ❌ Beginners might struggle with changing all the things to match your current website design
✅ Very simple and direct 404 approach, which is amazing!

Bottom line:

😎 Use this 404 Error Page cloneable if you want to take a look at 7 different ways your not found page can look like. Also give it a spin if you need a background video 404 page concept!

Scrollable Animation 404 Error Page Cloneable by Benjamin Le Goff

While it might not be the best UI for users to scroll to find the home button, otherwise this cloneable makes a great case when it comes to unique interactive approaches to 404 page not found designs.

To find the home button you have to scroll down which is led by a scrolling animation that brings in all the stars to form a 404 constellation. Quite a genius animation if you ask me!

What is in this 404 Error Page?

Interactive animated page not found design.

What is this 404 Error Page best for?

  • Good for certain types of websites that can afford this type of lottie animation style
  • Also good to learn more about scrollable animation cycles
Pros Cons
✅ Creative use of lottie animation on 404 page ❌ While you can easily edit basics to be more on brand, if the lottie file style doesn't suit your website - you can’t do anything about it and will not use this cloneable
✅ Ideal if you take a look and say - I want this identically how it is now!

Bottom line:

😎 Use this 404 Error Page scrollable animation if you try it out, enjoy it and it suits your website design. It’s a cool interactive way to make 404 experiences more fun!

Animated 404 Error Page Cloneable by Eloy Be

Certain builds will benefit so hard from this awesome animated 404 page. Your clients will be especially amazed if you are building them a hotel website. Even if it’s not a hotel website, you can still use this genius lottie animation for 404 website for most Webflow builds.

It’s a simple concept actually… A knob hanger with 404 not found sign on it. That bounces and jiggles every few seconds. Simple and cool. Honestly it will fit almost any build!

What is in this 404 Error Page?

Amazing lottie 404 animation that will be adored by most clients

What is this 404 Error Page best for?

  • Insanely fit any hotel website build
  • Honestly, most websites will be able to adopt this cool 404 design because the joke is so fun and obvious - closed door
Pros Cons
✅ Very fast implementation ❌ No CTA to homepage (there is but not very noticeable)
✅ Freedom to create your own CTA based on your own idea

Bottom line:

😎 Use this 404 Error Page template especially if you have a hotel website on your hands. That being said, many other industries can easily use the same knob hanger idea!

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