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Aiva (Search Historian)

Trying to make an accordion on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free webflow accordion cloneables that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Accordion components can be difficult to design. It’s a simple web feature and is commonly seen on most websites.They are especially common and well suited for FAQ sections, help centers, and other text heavy sections of a website. 

Accordion designs  open up to reveal content in a more animated, interactive way. Luckily for us, Webflow designers have been building beautiful accordion elements since Webflow was born, and now those UI elements are cloneable to you and me. 

Save time and grab an accordion clone to get that Webflow project moving fast. We selected a list of best free webflow accordions that are easy to use and can improve any website in a matter of seconds!

Accordion Highlight Interactions Cloneable by JP Dionisio

If you are working on the freshest and slickest website project and need an accordion interaction that matches your style, you might want to check this one. 

Simple? Nope! This accordion has a very responsive hover effect and the interaction itself is as clean as it gets. This is not your average accordion, this is a high level accordion interaction that any web designer will love!

What is in this accordion?

Great hover interaction that matches the accordion content reveals animation. It’s a good interaction base, especially if you have a specific idea for how you want your accordion to look.

What is this accordion best for?

  • Modern looking websites that need a great accordion style
  • Smaller sites that don’t need much information on them
  • Process explainer sections (steps)
Pros Cons
✅ Insanely modern looking desktop accordion ❌ Mobile might need some work, but it’s still a very very good start
✅ Very clean mouse hover color change and accordion reveal animation ❌ Not necessarily will fit most website designs

Bottom line:

😎 Use this accordion if you need a very interactive accordion and will use it on a high end design Webflow website project.

Vertical Accordion Animation Cloneable by Timothy Ricks

While not everyone will be a fan of vertically written headings or accordion questions, this interesting design still has many different ways that it can be used to get a very modern web design feeling.

This is a unique take on accordions, by turning them into a whole section instead of just being a container. Best part? Mobile version of this accordion looks much better than you would expect! Seriously great cloneable.

What is in this accordion?

Accordion section block, that is extremely responsive and will suit any website that could benefit from a vertical accordion setup.

What is this accordion best for?

  • Websites that are looking for that hip and unique feel
  • Websites that want to be progressive on desktop but feel “normal” on mobile
Pros Cons
✅ Very responsive ❌ Vertical accordion heading design is not for every project
✅ Slick and very clean animation
✅ Solved extremely well on mobile

Bottom line:

😎 Use this accordion if you see vertical being the way to go for the section you are building. Then it’s the best Webflow accordion cloneable on the whole list!

Accordion Event Page Cloneable by Bradley Stallcup

This accordion is… Well it’s more of a landing page or even the whole website on its own. Who said accordions have to be boring?

If you are building something that could benefit from a very interactive and lively feel - this is the cloneable you need. Furthermore, if you think that you could do the whole page with only one accordion, well you will not find a better template than this one!

What is in this accordion?

It’s basically a one pager, landing page website that is entirely constructed as a complex accordion. Don’t let the events type fool you, there are thousands of different industries that can showcase the most important information like that!

What is this accordion best for?

  • Landing pages
  • Small websites
  • Pages that bring traffic not from SEO (even though you can optimize this also)
Pros Cons
✅ Loads of interactions and very animated look ❌ It might not fit your style if you just need a small accordion container, not a whole page
✅ Can be a landing page on it’s own ❌ Mobile will need a lot of work, but it’s fixable
✅ Complex structure, so you can really adapt this one to any use case

Bottom line:

😎 Use this accordion if you need a very interactive landing page and would like it very organized and easy to use. Pick it up if you have an idea how you will edit this, because mobile will need to be edited as well (even though the base is decent).

Interactive FAQ Accordion Cloneable by SketchzLab

There are so many boring accordions when you start looking to clone them. That’s because a little bit of hover and mouse click effects can go a long way when it comes to accordion design.

Furthermore, you want your accordion to open up and reveal content in a non-static, non-linear animated way. This accordion we picked for you has all that and more. This accordion is very interactive and has a lot going on, so you just know it will bring life to any FAQ section of any website.

What is in this accordion?

Expand on mouse hover effect complimented with shadows that is combined with a clean open reveal animation. Really good accordion animation that also works very well on mobile.

What is this accordion best for?

  • Any FAQ section
  • Any type of website
  • Any page that needs an accordion (it’s really good!)
Pros Cons
✅ Very clean mobile version ❌ Might want to remove a few effects if you have a minimal website design, but this is not even a con, right?
✅ Has a lot of energy when it comes to interactions
✅ Cool mouse hover effect
✅ Great accordion reveal animation

Bottom line:

😎 Use this accordion on any website and any page or any section that needs an accordion. Style it a bit to match your website design and be ready to reuse this bad boy a lot. Clean but interactive!

Pricing FAQ Accordion Cloneable by Duncan Hamra

We decided to add this cloneable from Memberstack team solely because we noticed that this list lacks a more simple and less interactive accordion style. And most cloneable accordions have complex interactions or have barely any at all.

If you don’t want too many interactions, but some to make the accordion feel right, this is the one! It has that table feeling that is easy to adapt to many different website styles.

What is in this accordion?

Table style accordion with enough interactions to fit into any type of website project. Copy and paste this one if you just need an accordion and you need it right away!

What is this accordion best for?

  • If you need a very decently designed accordion without too much effects, this is the one
Pros Cons
✅ A bit of clean interactions with nothing too crazy or complicated ❌ You might need to spend some time figuring out how to match this accordion to your website if you are working on something very unique and specific
✅ Table design fits most website designs
✅ Looks great on mobile devices

Bottom line:

😎 Use this accordion if it feels like your website project from the get-go. Also use this accordion if you don’t want to spend too much time playing around with interactions (removing or adding more) but still want the accordion to feel interactive.

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