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Aiva (Search Historian)

Trying to make a CMS slider on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free Webflow CMS sliders that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Best Webflow CMS Slider Cloneables

CMS slider is that one Webflow problem that if you have, you can’t solve without custom code. It’s not native for Webflow and always needs a good, lightweight workaround to make the magic happen. 

That’s why we collected all the best CMS slider cloneables that you can start using immediately or analyse to build your own.

Custom CSS Carousel Mask CMS Slider Cloneable by Stan Skrivanek

This is a very custom type of CMS collection slider that allows you to showcase any type of collection item in a bespoke hero section manner. Buttons? Check. Preview of the next item? Check. Completely custom built? Check!

While design behind it might not match many website projects, this CMS slider cloneable is so custom built that it will be easy to start tweaking both divs that make up this carousel and interactions that run it. It’s quite an advanced cloneable, which means it’s a dream come true if you know what you are looking for!

What is in this CMS slider?

Body tag custom code that works together with a small code block to create this CMS carousel collection slider. Custom div blocks and images were used to make this work. 

What is this CMS slider best for?

  • Small CMS collections
  • Hero section that is actually a CMS collection
Pros Cons
✅ It’s not built directly on Webflow native slider element ❌ Design might not fit your Webflow project
✅ Divs and pictures, divs and pictures makes this happen ❌ Interaction doesn’t make it super clear that this is a carousel, so might need some tweaking

Bottom line:

😎 Use this CMS slider if you seek a custom code solution. Especially if the design and “carousel vibe” you see above fits your website already.

Double Slider Cloneable by SketchzLab

Now this slider cloneable has way too much good stuff running in the background to explain it all in a few sentences. We are talking, high quality design! 

So let’s focus on the main point: a single button controls 2 different sliders to create this unique header experience.

It’s using native Webflow slider components to make this smooth hero section that many users will fall in love with. Problem? It’s not a CMS. But the design and style of it made us want to still showcase this on this list.

What is in this slider?

Double slider hero section that has been built with native Webflow slider components.

What is this slider best for?

  • Complex hero section that will blow away your users and your clients
Pros Cons
✅ Endless loop ❌ Not a CMS slider, but if you can make it happen - you will have the best hero section!
✅ Double slider controlled with one button
✅ Great interactions
✅ Custom code

Bottom line:

😎 Use this slider as a great design basis and match it with other CMS sliders to create an amazing experience for your users.

CMS Slider Js Code Generator Cloneable by Vimalan Vijayasekaran

Now if you are looking for a way to learn or go really advanced, you should be interested in this cloneable. It uses body and head custom code to fully control your CMS slider.

It’s not the cloneable itself that makes this smooth magic happen, it is the SlickJs Webflow code generator tool that makes it easy to improve your projects. #NoCode to make the code work even better! Definitely check this toolkit out.

What is in this CMS slider?

This cloneable creates a simple CMS slider with smooth transitions using SlickJs code generator. Great place to start if you are looking to deepen your knowledge in what is possible with JavaScript and Webflow.

What is this CMS slider best for?

  • Intermediate Webflow developers and designers that want to be in full control of their CMS sliders
Pros Cons
✅ The cloneable itself is simple and fully functional ❌ Not for beginners
✅ Code generator is what actually makes this cloneable interesting ❌ Slider itself is very simple

Bottom line:

😎 Use this CMS slider cloneable if you want to learn about custom code and CMS sliders. Also make sure you check their code generator tool!

Hover CMS Slider Cloneable by Bradley Stallcup

This is a very interesting CMS slider solution that makes a great case for not using any buttons when making your CMS slider. 

We all know how annoying for the design style those slider buttons can be, so how about controlling your slider with mouse hover interaction? If that’s something that sparked your interest right away, this is the cloneable you needed all the time!

What is in this CMS slider?

CMS slider that is controlled by mouse hover interaction.

What is this CMS slider best for?

  • Smaller (5-6 element) CMS collections that can be controlled with mouse hover.
Pros Cons
✅ The cloneable itself is simple and fully functional ❌ Not for beginners
✅ Code generator is what actually makes this cloneable interesting ❌ Slider itself is very simple

Bottom line:

😎 Use this CMS slider if you want to get rid of those carousel buttons. Also make sure that you don’t have too many CMS items to scroll through.

Basic Beginner CMS Slider Cloneable by Anil Pervaiz

When we say basic, we still mean custom code and proper functionality! But this one can be a great beginner friendly slider for your first ever CMS slider. It’s not something you make in your first ever Webflow project, so if you have some experience and want to learn more - try this cloneable.

Simple design will allow you to learn more about how CMS sliders are constructed when we are talking about Webflow projects. You will be able to start tweaking your carousel to learn more about what you can do with the custom code running this slider.

What is in this CMS slider?

Simple CMS slider solution with custom JavaScript to make it happen.

What is this CMS slider best for?

  • Simple project where you need a simple slider, but this time it’s a CMS slider you are looking for.
Pros Cons
✅ Custom JS ❌ Not a “use out of the box” solution for many projects
✅ Perfect beginner cloneable
✅ Ideal for learning about CMS sliders

Bottom line:

😎 Use this CMS slider if this is your first ever CMS slider clone. It’s a great project to start understanding how CMS slider anatomy works.

Creative Pricing Value CMS Slider Cloneable by Timothy Ricks

Want to see the most amazing example of how you can utilise CMS to create very creative elements? This is the one! It’s a complex slider that uses CMS to pull data from. But you would never guess that.

There’s some beautiful backend code to make this happen that you have to check. Also, this is one of those cloneables that broaden your perspective on what is possible with a bit of custom code and Webflow.

What is in this CMS slider?

Custom element that uses CMS as a data set to showcase different values based on slider position.

What is this CMS slider best for?

  • Inspiration!
Pros Cons
✅ Clean and smooth solution ❌ Is not a clone that you will just clone and reuse for your project as this solves a very niche and particular problem.
✅ Very unique take on CMS slider
✅ A lot going on under “the hood”

Bottom line:

😎 Use this CMS slider if you know a bit about how CMS sliders work in general and seek a fresh perspective of what you can do with them. This time it’s not images and carousels, it’s something new and amazing!

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