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Export Subscription Data

Export Subscription Data

Memberstack relies on Stripe to securely process payments and store payment information. Because we don't handle this data, you are free to export this data from Stripe at anytime.

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Accounting and finance

Use the exported data for accounting and tax purposes.


Keep hold of your analytics on your business performance, customer behavior, and revenue trends. You can use this information to optimize your subscription pricing, product offerings, and marketing strategies.

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How to Export Subscription Data

Download a CSV file containing all subscription data from Stripe for tax purposes and/or analytics.

Step 1 → In your Stripe account, go to Billing and then Subscriptions. You should see something like the image below.

Step 2 → Click Export in the top right corner ("Step 2" in the image below) to launch a modal/popup.

Go to Billings and Subscriptions in your Stripe account

Step 3 → Click on the dropdown selection field under Columns. Select Custom from the list.

Step 4 → Check the appropriate checkboxes to export the data you need.

Select Custom under the Column field

Other data you can export:

  • Customer email
  • Plan
  • Amount
  • Status
  • Created date
  • Trial Start
  • Trial End
  • Coupon
  • Tax Percent
  • Canceled Date

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