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Pausing subscriptions

Pausing Subscriptions

Use pausing to temporarily offer your services for free or to temporarily revoke access to content.

Use pausing to temporarily offer your services for free or to temporarily revoke access to content.

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Reduce churn

By giving admin the ability to “pause” a subscription instead of cancelling it

Continuous Improvement

Temporarily make edits or update your memberships offerings

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How to Pause and Resume your Subscriptions

Pause and unpause a member’s subscription with just a few clicks. There’s no need to cancel the member's account now and then have to ask them to reapply at a later date.

Pausing the Subscription

In Memberstack, select the member you’d like to update. Go to the panel on the right side of the screen and click the Plans & Permissions tab. Hover over the plan you want to pause & click the pencil icon.


A modal displays 👇. Click the View in Stripe link. (If not already logged in, Stripe will ask you to enter your credentials and complete the 2FA.)


The next step is to locate the subscription and pause it.

In Stripe, confirm the Customers and Overview tabs are selected.

  1. Locate the subscription and click the ellipsis.
  2. Select Pause payment collection on the drop-down menu. A popup window displays.
  3. Set a duration. (see below)
  4. Select an invoice behavior. (see below)
  5. Click Pause.

For the final steps and how to resume read here.

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