Cloneable Webflow Horizontal Scroll Templates

Aiva (Search Historian)
September 6, 2022
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Trying to create horizontal scroll interaction on Webflow? Here’s a list of the best free Webflow horizontal scroll cloneables that you can clone and use on your website right away...

Best Webflow Horizontal Scroll Cloneables

Our team reviewed as many different horizontal scroll cloneables as possible…  To bring you a selection of unique picks that will make any level Webflow developer or designer feel excited about diving in! 

Free Horizontal Scroll Cloneables for Webflow

Below you will find list of best horizontal scroll Webflow examples that you can clone right away:

  • How to make a horizontal scroll section? Simple div cloneable with explanation how it works!
  • Two way typography horizontal scroll cloneable
  • Whole horizontal scroll website cloneable that creates an immersive user experience
  • Play video on horizontal scroll custom code solution
  • Best Webflow horizontal scroll timeline section (works on steps, milestones or any other type of process section!)

Horizontal Scroll Sticky Div Section Cloneable by Vincent Bidaux

This cloneable will teach you how this side scroll interface works, you will see it blank and you will be able to find a great explanation below. Great cloneable from Vincent, really give it a try - for sure you will love this one!

What is in this horizontal scroll?

Sticky section of divs that scrolls left while staying in place during page scroll

What is this horizontal scroll best for?

  • Learning how to make a sticky section element side scroll animation
Pros Cons
✅ No clutter images ❌ Not for beginners, even though it is easy to make it because it has no design elements in it - just divs
✅ Simple and great explanation of how it works
✅ No design choices made, so it’s easily adaptable to any project

Bottom line:

😎 Use this horizontal scroll if you want to learn how to make it yourself. You can also use this cloneable as a building block for one of the sections in your next project - it’s so clean that you will come up with something unique for sure!

Play Video on Horizontal Scroll Cloneable by Francesco Castronuovo

It’s hard to make a cloneable compilation like this, because 80% of horizontal scroll cloneables are the same. This is not one of those cloneables!

Who knew, you can add YouTube API and custom code into a simple horizontal scroll interaction. Creator of this cloneable did!

What is in this horizontal scroll?

Horizontal scroll sections where in the last one a YouTube video will autoplay as soon as you reach it

What is this horizontal scroll best for?

  • Very unique projects that could benefit from scrolling and video autoplay interaction
Pros Cons
✅ Custom code ❌ Might not work if you can’t understand and edit this custom code a bit to match your idea
✅ Cool idea

Bottom line:

😎 Use this horizontal scroll if you are looking for a way to create a whole immersive horizontal scroll experience. Especially if you match this custom code with the next cloneable on this list, a very interesting project will be made for sure!

Whole Website Horizontal Scroll Cloneable by Andreea Encutescu

This cloneable is much more than just a horizontal scroll interaction. Though, you will find heaps of inspiration for your next horizontal scroll project here.

We know this image below doesn’t show much of this cloneable, but this is an experience website that you can’t capture in any image or gif. You have to open it by yourself and feel it!

What is in this horizontal scroll cloneable?

A whole website that you can clone and dissect for different sections and interactions

What is this horizontal scroll best for?

  • Advanced webflow'ers that really want to go deep into understanding how to build a unique website experience
Pros Cons
✅ Whole build you can look at ❌ Will not fit some of designs or ideas as an entire cloneable use case
✅ Amazing user experience ❌ Some users might get lost in this site

Bottom line:

😎 Use this horizontal scroll cloneable if you want to analyse how a whole site could be built to create a very unique user experience.

Two Way Hip Typography Horizontal Scroll Cloneable by Lee Wilson

This cloneable brings that hip two way typography scroll effect we’ve seen on modern websites. 

Now you can add it to your own Website project in no time! It’s also a great learning cloneable for anyone who didn’t figure out how this was done in Webflow without actually opening it in Webflow designer.

What is in this horizontal scroll?

Simple two way typography horizontal scroll effect that will make any website look more hip

What is this horizontal scroll best for?

  • Any type of project that could benefit from extra flare that element like this provides
Pros Cons
✅ Simple to use ❌ Looks cool but isn’t actually contributing to information or UX on the page
✅ Popular effect on many different designs

Bottom line:

😎 Use this horizontal scroll if you want to use this effect on your next build. Also check it if you want to learn how you can make similar effects to this one on your own!

Rainbow Color Change Horizontal Scroll Cloneable by Ailín James Tobin

While this cloneable technically does the same thing as every other horizontal scroll scroll cloneable out there… It does it in a much cooler fashion than most!

We are of course talking about all the colours! You might guess how this is done - yes the answer is gradient background that follows a simple logic to create this cool effect. So many ways to reuse this and make an insanely vibrant website on your own!

What is in this horizontal scroll?

Background gradients with horizontal scroll effect that create colour changing illusion.

What is this horizontal scroll best for?

  • Very vibrant Webflow builds that can benefit from very colourful, yet minimalistic website design
Pros Cons
✅ Very creative way to use horizontal scroll ❌ Will only work with linear gradients
✅ Easy to adapt to most minimal designs
✅ Can be a great cloneable as a starting point for creating something even more spectacular

Bottom line:

😎 Use this horizontal scroll if you want to make your users drop their jaws from the amount of color your website is serving them. This cloneable is so clean and simple that… You can also play with this cloneable to create even more insane sections with more features than you see here!

Sticky Horizontal Timeline Scroll Cloneable by SketchzLab

This cloneable is great because if you need this section, you need this exact element no matter what the build is. This means it will be easy to clone and reuse this great side scrolling section from SketchLab.

There’s not much to add here. Sticky section allows you to scroll through any type of timeline before scrolling down to the next section. Save time by cloning this section if this is exactly the functionality you want!

What is in this horizontal scroll?

Sticky section with horizontal timeline scroll elements

What is this horizontal scroll best for?

  • Any project that needs a cool timeline with a horizontal scroll effect
Pros Cons
✅ Will match any design due to simplicity ❌ Not sure if there is any, to be honest!
✅ Operates flawlessly

Bottom line:

😎 Use this horizontal scroll if you need timeline, milestone, process, steps or any other type of similar section on your next Webflow build.

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