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Multi-step Onboarding

Multi-step Onboarding

Collect all the important information you need whilst keeping your customers engaged.

Multi-step Onboarding

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Primary Benefits

Improved User Experience

Break down the onboarding process into smaller, more manageable steps leading to higher completion rates and lower user frustration.

Increase Engagement

Collect more data without overwhelming customers. Easily highlight your form's important parts and keep customers engaged.

How to Create a Multi-step Onboarding Flow in webflow

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Checkout this 2-minute video explaining how to set up a custom onboarding form and links to copy or clone an existing onboarding form which you can drop into your project.

If you haven't set up a standard profile form, I recommend doing that first.

Here's a link to all of Memberstack's onboarding components.

And here's a link to clone the Generic SaaS Template project.

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